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5312 burgundy red Sling bag for mobile devices

5312 burgundy red Sling bag for mobile devices
Sling bag for mobile devices
Product Features:

• Sling bag for smartphones and Tablets up to 10.1"
• Manufactured using high-quality water-resistant material with PU lamination
• The main compartment has an additional inner pocket for documents and a detachable key strap.
• Waterproof front zipped compartment with plush interior for a smartphone or sunglasses
• Hidden back zippered pocket for a passport and wallet
• Bike safety light clip-in
• Unique ID code provides a 5-year extended warranty
Product Weight: 0.23 kg
External dimensions: 310x170x70 mm
Internal dimensions: 295x150x40 mm
Inner material: Polyester
Material: Polyester , Polyurethane
Laptop pocket size 295x150x40 mm
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5312 burgundy red Sling bag for mobile devices
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Unique ID code stitched inside

Unique ID code
stitched inside

5-year extended warranty

extended warranty



Specially designed zipper pulls

Specially designed
zipper pulls

Detachable key strap

key strap


You don’t want to be taking any chances with your device; they are too valuable both in terms of expense and in terms of their importance in our daily lives. As such we wanted to create a sling bag for your mobile devices that was as protective as possible and which would ensure that your precious items remain as secure as possible. With that in mind this sling bag comes with a front zippered pocket made with a waterproof zipper to prevent any moisture seeping in and also with a plush interior lining to protect from scratches.


We wanted to create a bag that was capable of taking multiple devices so that you could have all of your items securely in a single place, giving you the peace of mind you need as you go about your journey. As a result of this careful design, this Dijon sling provides you with a very generous main zippered compartment that is more than capable of fitting a tablet up to 10.1" in size. So you can move around from place to place, prepared for any eventuality safe in the knowledge you will have every device you need with you at all times.


There is nothing worse than having to rummage around at the bottom of a bag searching for that troublesome pair of keys to get into your car or house. This is made especially worse if it is dark and cold or blustery. To help resolve this issue and so that you’re never again at a loss as to where those tricky keys are, we have provided this Dijon sling with its own key strap so that you can simply clip your keys in and tuck them away and always be certain where they are at any moment.

Inner pocket

It’s the small things which add up to create any great product and it’s the details that make for a great bag. One of the additional little aspects of this bag is the inner pocket in the central compartment. This means that you can tuck away a book, journal or device and know that it isn’t going to get shoved or jogged about inside the sling while you move from place to place. As always, it’s the small things that make the real difference.


We wanted to create everything in this range with the values that we know you hold dear - robustness, dependability and durability. This is because we want you to be spending less time thinking about your possessions and more time thinking about your working schedule or your fun trip away. All features on this Dijon range have been made so that these bags will not simply become another throw-away item. One example of this are the sturdy buckles on this sling that are just another aspect that you can depend on to help you in your day to day.


One of the ever present threats to our devices is a sudden downpour or just any kind of fluid that might come into contact with them. Keeping the water out and away from them is something that always needs to be thought about. And given the fact that often it will be easiest to wear this sling on the outside of other waterproof clothing, this issue was at the forefront of our minds during its design. That is why we have made sure it is made with a water-resistant fabric with PU lamination, so that your devices remain tucked away and free from damage.


When using any bag you want to be certain that it will be a reliable companion on your journey and isn’t going to let you down when you need it most. Weak or faulty zips or pulls not only can be highly irritating when they take time to open or close but they can also present a real danger to your possessions. Given the value of the items in your sling bag, it was especially important to make sure that the pulls provided were robust and easy to use and that is why we have provided pulls that are stretchy but coupled them with hard caps.


We wanted to make a bag that was as functional and ergonomic as possible. As such we have made sure that this sling bag comes with its own fully adjustable shoulder strap so that whatever the size you are or whatever you want the height of your sling to be at, then this bag will work for you.


There are some items we all have that we simply cannot take any chances with at all. Whether this be a passport or a special credit card, or even just that all important document, we all have belongings that deserve that extra level of security. That is why we have designed this bag with its own hidden zippered pocket on the back so that you can slip this item away in its own nifty little compartment, so that it is tucked away from all prying eyes.


A bag like this needs to straddle the line between size and ease of use, having a large enough capacity but not so much that the sling becomes cumbersome. It is this line that the Dijon sling treads so carefully to create a product that anyone who needs to keep their devices in check when travelling around an airport or hiking up a hill, or even wandering around aimlessly at a festival, can do so safe in the knowledge that all their items are secure in a single place and free from any possible danger or damage.