Collection: Galapagos

7711 dark grey Sling bag for mobile devices

7711 dark grey Sling bag for mobile devices
Sling bag for mobile devices
Product Features:
• Sling bag for a smartphone and a Tablet up to 10.5"
• Manufactured of high-quality water-resistant material
• Main compartment with an additional inner pocket for documents and a detachable key strap
• Front zipped compartment with plush interior lining for sunglasses  
• Hidden back zipped pocket for your smartphone, passport and wallet
• Adjustable shoulder strap
Product Weight: 0.225 kg
External dimensions: 310x170x70 mm
Internal dimensions: 295x150x40 mm
Inner material: Polyester
Material: Polyester
Laptop pocket size 295x150x40 mm
7761 khaki Laptop backpack 15.6"

high-quality water-repellent fabric

There is no doubt we all need to take extra good care of the belongings we carry with us these days. Gone are the times when all that we had with us was pens and booklets. We all need multiple electronic devices with us, all of which remain highly susceptible to moisture. That is why we have made sure that this Galapagos range comes with a high-quality water repellent fabric that will keep the water out and your items safe inside giving you the confidence to step out into the day come rain or shine.


A sling bag like this needs to straddle the line between size and ease of use, having a large enough capacity but not so much that the sling becomes cumbersome. This sling bag cuts this fine line with absolute precision, resulting in a bag that you can be sure will be a trusty companion on any trip hiking, when bouncing around at a festival or even when just getting about a city center. The sling bag features an inner pocket and a detachable key strap so that you can keep your precious things safe and organized.

Front pocket with plush interior lining

We all know the trouble of trying to keep your sunglasses and phone as safe as possible. Both of them are relatively delicate items that are easily marked and which end up looking quite scruffy and even unusable if they have been knocked about too much. Luckily, the front pocket of your Galapagos bag comes with a plush interior lining meaning that your smartphone or sunglasses will be well protected from scratches.


There are a few items that we all need to keep in the safest possible conditions. Things like a passport are items that we want to make sure we take as much care with as possible but which we also need to get to fairly swiftly when say arriving at the check-in or going through airport security. That is why we have created this hidden zippered pocket on the back of the bag so that you can quickly slip away an item or retrieve it at a moment's notice and be able to crack on with your day.

Adjustable shoulder strap

No two of us are built exactly the same. We all come in different shapes and sizes and we at RIVACASE are well aware of that. That is why with this Galapagos range we have been careful to include an adjustable shoulder strap so that you can stretch or loosen the strap at your own discretion. Because on some days you may not be wearing simply a T-shirt. Maybe you're wearing a sweater with a coat over the top of it and the bag on the outside and so need that extra bit of room. This gives you that flexibility.