Narita collection

Approximately 60 kilometers east of Tokyo, that famous city whose bright lights are never dimmed, lies Narita airport.  The busiest airport in Japan on an island that is well known for its already hustleing and bustleing cities, meant that it had to undergo enormously careful design to ensure the smooth and easy transport of its travellers and freight. Like all aspects of Japanese culture, everything within the aiport has been created in an assiduously methodical manner.  Just like how the expert sushi chefs of Ginza meticulously prepare their tuna and rice,  or how the ancient geisha women of old painstakingly arranged their costume, all aspects of the airport have been diligently created. And of course, like everywhere  in Japan,  cleanliness and impressive architecture presides meaning that the inside of Narita airport is a wonder to behold. All of these factors are things which we have incorporated into our new Narita collection to make for a series of stunning designs.
As you can immediately tell, the Narita range offers you a luxurious alternative to the standard office work bag. The combination of a rich matt faux leather and a tweed-inspired nylon threading creates the ultimate in sophistication and a bag that you can use with confidence on any trip, no matter the clients or people that you're meeting.  Its metallic hardware offer it a stylish but understated and non-intrusive feel, meaning that it is suitable for any office or business trip.  All these factors combined make the Narita range the perfect option for those that take their business fashion as seriously as their weekend-wear and who want to impress no matter the environment.

High-quality herringbone patterned fabrics with rich faux leather inserts

Created using high quality herringbone patterned fabrics with rich faux leather inserts, this pattern resembles good old-fashioned tweed and combined with PU leather makes the bag not only sturdy and practical but elegant and classy. The combination and nod to the most classic and traditional of Scottish patterns, combined with a material and look that is ultra-modern and stylish, makes for a bag that can be used in any environment. So whether you have that all important meeting in a St. James' boardroom or are travelling on that special trip to Tokyo, you know that the Narita bag will have you covered.

Sturdy metallic hardware

When using any bag and travelling about from place to place, you want to be absolutely certain that it's one that you can rely on. Faulty zips, broken buckles or weak hardware of any kind can have disastrous outcomes for your possessions and your day. That is why we have taken care with the Narita range to offer you the very best in the way of sturdy metallic hardware to ensure that you can feel like you can depend on your bag and not be under the impression that it is going to in any way let you down.

Padded sides for better protection

These days the contents of your daily messenger bag or briefcase need to be kept in absolute security. Your devices - your laptop, tablet, and phone are simply too important and too vital to take any chances with. And because it is inevitable when sliding your bag away in the luggage compartment or when hopping on or off a train that you are going to incur the occasional nudge or knock, we knew that with this Narita range we needed to make provision to keep your belongs safe and secure. That is why we have made sure that this Narita bag comes with padded sides for better protection so you can trust in your bag no matter your itinerary.

VA-printed interior lining

It's the small things in life that make the most difference. The tailors of Saville Row know that the inner lining of the suit, and the flash of its pattern or colour when opened, can have have just as much impact as the immaculate lines and stitching of the piece.  When designing Narita range, whilst ensuring that understatement has been kept at the forefront of the process, we have made sure that even the minute details have been carefully considered. That is why we have included a subtle VA-printed interior lining, so that to the most discerning of eyes will be under no misapprehension as to the level of craftsmanship.

Cushioned pocket for a Tablet

It is a foregone conclusion that your rucksack will at times take the occasional bump or bruise. Even the most careful of travellers have to take into account the uncontrollable nature of other people's actions and movements. And given the importance of the contents of your bag and the delicate nature of your devices that you carry - it was important for us to create an environment that provided your belongings with absolute security. That is why we made protection of your items paramount to the design of the Narita range and built a specially designed cushioned pocket for a tablet into the bag so that you can move about your day free from danger.

8165 black Laptop business backpack 15.6"

This Narita laptop backpack has been crafted with the highest quality faux leather, incorporating a unique nylon threaded tweed-inspired herringbone pattern that makes for a backpack that is not only very sturdy and practical but also elegant and stylish. Two separate zippered compartments have been created to offer you the optimal way to arrange your different devices and documents. A dedicated compartment for a 15.6" laptop contains within it another pocket for a tablet up to 10.1" in dimensions. All this means that you will be organised and ready for anything that may face you in the day ahead but also you can rest safe in the knowledge that your most precious items are secure and free from harm.

8125 black Laptop business backpack 14"


This Narita business backpack is compact and carefully designed to ensure you can travel around with maximum ease. Ultra lightweight but with thickened sides, you can get about your day unburdened but also know that your vital possessions are safe and secure. Carefully designed inner zippered pockets offer you space for all of your accessories, documents or devices that you need to store away on your daily commute. And because we at RIVACASE know the importance of good hydration for brainpower and good health, we have added a special side-pocket for a bottle of water so you can remain in your best condition all day. Lastly, a strap management system will ensure that excess straps do not dangle and impede you on your journey.


8135 black Laptop business attaché 15.6"


This Narita business attaché has been designed as an elegant and functional alternative to other messenger bags and briefcases. It's high quality PU leather material, coupled with the herringbone design inspired from old tweed patterns creates a bag that is achingly sophisticated. Two front zippered pockets for accessories, cables and chargers demonstrate though that nothing has been sacrificed in the way of functionality. Comfortable padded handles and a removable, adjustable strap can be easily removed or adjusted to a preferred length, meaning that no matter the length of the trip, you can carry your bag around with ease and arrive at that all important meeting energised and ready.