Dijon collection

Dijon, located in Eastern France in the ancient region of Burgundy, was a once great medieval city celebrated for its prowess as a hub for art and science. These days, however, it is undoubtedly more famous for the world-renowned mustard and wine that are the namesakes of the city and region respectively. The two vibrant colours of these products - the rich hues of yellow infused by the white wine and seeds of the mustard plant, as well as the deep red of the burgundy grape, have been the foundation for the colour scheme of our Dijon collection. This powerful combination has created an upbeat range with a retro look, specifically inspired by the spirit of the 90’s.

Unique ID code stitched inside

Unique ID code
stitched inside

5-year extended warranty

extended warranty



Specially designed zipper pulls

Specially designed
zipper pulls

Detachable key strap

key strap

Each item of the Dijon collection has a unique ID code stitched inside.
Register it by filling a special form on My RIVACASE® page and get a 5-year extended warranty!

HIGH-QUality water-resistant fabric with pu coating

Each item from the Dijon collection is created with a water resistant fabric with PU coating. This means that it is obviously preventative against moisture. As a result, you can take it anywhere without fear that, if caught in a sudden shower, any of your items inside will be damaged. Finally its breathable nature makes it the perfect bag for carrying your sportswear post-gym or exercise.


There are few things worse than having to rummage around at the bottom of your bag looking for your pair of keys. This is made even worse and more ‘typical’ when it’s cold and wet outside. In order to circumvent this particular issue, we have placed a smart detachable key strap inside each front pocket of this range. This means that you will always know where you keys are, when you need them, and are never caught out when in a rush.


When out and about you want to be able to quickly get things put away so that you can crack on with you day. Fortunately every bag and backpack from Dijon collection has with it a front zippered pocket that allows for small personal belongings to be tucked away easily and swiftly. A waterproof zipper means that all your essential items will be protected from rain, so that regardless of whether you are outside in the elements you can remain safe in knowledge that your possession will remain free from harm.


The collection has been designed with alternative constructions and forms in order to produce a sports-casual look that is perfect for anyone on the search for a street-style addition to their wardrobe. Although this range is perfect for the younger and the more fashionable, it has also been designed for those with a proclivity for any kind of street activity - skating, basketball, BMX-ing, to name just a few. It has been created for those who live with an edge but who remain practical to a fault, and who want their most necessary possessions to remain the same.

5311 Waist bag for mobile devices


When travelling abroad, moving around a festival, hiking up a hill or even just going on night out, you want to know that all your most vital essentials are close to your person and protected from loss or theft. That is why the main zippered compartment of this Dijon waist bag comes with enough room for a 7-inch Tablet, powerbank, wallet and keys.  An additional pocket for a smartphone inside is also provided. All of this is protected with a zipper, ensuring that all your items are kept safe and secure.

5312 Sling bag for mobile devices


We wanted to create a sling bag that was capable of taking multiple devices so that you could have all of your items securely in a single place, giving you the peace of mind you need as you go about your journey. As a result of this careful design, this Dijon sling provides you with a very generous main zippered compartment that is more than capable of fitting a tablet up to 10.1" in size. So you can move around from place to place, prepared for any eventuality safe in the knowledge you will have every device you need with you at all times. 


5314 black Waist bag for mobile devices

This waist/sling bag is the perfect option for mobile devices like your smartphone and Tablet. It is manufactured from a durable water-resistant material with PU lamination. A waterproof front zippered compartment for a passport and wallet is available, as well as a hidden back zippered pocket with a plush interior lining for a smartphone. A detachable key strap is useful to keep those important keys safe and a bike safety light clip-in will help keep you safe on the roads. An adjustable waist belt helps when you're wearing different sets of clothes. And all this comes with a unique ID code giving you a 5-year extended warranty.

5321 25L Laptop backpack 15.6"


This roll top backpack offers you the ability to remain compact and your belongings to remain secure. While not only being fashionable, this feature speaks to the thought-out design behind this range. It can be folded in any way you might need and will mean that your backpack will only ever be as extended or compact as it needs to be, increasing efficiency and maximizing your progress.

5331 35L Duffel bag


If you are taking a trip away on holiday, or hiking or biking, or even if you are just going down to the gym, you want space in your bag. Perhaps the most obvious aspect of this Dijon duffel bag is the easy access that it provides to an awesome 30 litres of capacity. This means that you will have more than enough room to store all your sports stuff or clothes or any other belongings that you may have depending on your destination point.This capacious compartment is zippered so that all your possessions will be safely packed away and free from harm.


5361 30L Laptop backpack 17.3"


With this backpack you can access up to 30 litres capacity at a moments notice. The capacious main compartment will allow you to store all of your sports stuff as well as any other clothes or belongings that you may need with you that day depending on your destination point. It is a nasty feeling to leave you house or work or head out anywhere and feel that you are under provided for. However with this level of space, you will feel more flexible and adaptable in your day to day and never feel you have to sacrifice any item for lack of room.