Heide collection

Named after Heide Park Resort, a theme park in Soltau, Lower Saxony, Germany, the Heide collection is the embodiment of this titan of an amusement park. Located in Northern Germany, this oasis of amusement is the perfect getaway for those that seek the thrill of a rollercoaster ride and the bright neon lights that can only ever conjure up memories of our first trip to a theme park or fair. This vast park is also one of Germany's oldest. Operating rides like its Wing Coaster ride, it also stands out as being unique in what it offers, both in scale and in optionality. You literally won't find a park with a greater variety and depth of quality.
With the Heide collection, you find the perfect contrasting and dynamic collection for the bright young things amongst us. It is a range for those who strive for new experiences every day, and for those who prefer a youthful, fun image. The durable fabric and the practical design of the backpack, as well as the large print, will help you stay bright and express yourself while taking everything you need with you. And, being our most multicolored series, everyone can find a color combination for themselves to inject their own personality into their day. So the Heide collection will help you to remain bright and dynamic without ever losing focus on practicality and individuality. The backpacks are equipped with a loop for a key ring or a carabiner.

high-quality water-repellent fabric

There is nothing more frustrating and likely to cause you immense hardship than finding out your devices and documents have become sodden and useless through taking on moisture. Often we can assume a bag to be more water proof than it is and only after experiencing a downpour, find out the reverse, and to our cost. Fortunately, with this Heide backpack, the surface is made out of a high-quality water-repellent fabric that will keep your belongings safe come rain or shine.

Colorful RIVACASE print

Some of us want to try to keep as muted as possible and to try to keep as inconspicuous as we can as we go about our day. For others though, standing out is just as preferable. This collection is for the latter and for those, who might not necessarily want to be a 'peacock' every day of the week, but who don't mind showing a bit of their personality every now and then. The vibrance of the range is something that will definitely appeal to a younger audience and to those who don't mind a louder look when walking down the street.

contrasting interior lining

One aspect of these bags that exemplifies both the image it gives off but also its deep practicality is the contrasting interior lining found within the bag. Not only does this kind of aesthetic create an eye-catching aura around the bag which is sure to draw the attention of those around you but it also has a deeply functional purpose. With this lining, you will not be left scrabbling around looking into a pit of darkness when trying to find that troublesome little item of yours. Clearly contrasted against the inner material you will be able to quickly locate and be on your way.

Specially designed pullers

Every single aspect of this bag has been carefully thought about and designed. The pullers for instance we have modeled on the kinds of bungee pullers you find in climbing and outdoor gear. It's something that we think gives the bag that extra layer of individuality and nuance to make you stand out. These pullers are also by nature of their design, incredibly easy to use and very dependable so that you won't have to worry about one of them coming loose and letting you down any time soon.

5430 Urban backpack 30L

30L Urban backpack is the perfect option for college, travel and outdoor activities. The interior is made of contrasting lining, and the exterior is manufactured using high-quality water-repellent material. The spacious storage compartment for clothes and other items will help daily commute and the inner compartment will hold a 15.6” laptop (we recommend using a laptop sleeve for additional protection). Dual zipper pulls are present for quick and easy access. A front zipped pocket for a smartphone, pens and accessories with a detachable key strap is available. Comfortable shoulder straps with softened bands will make you feel comfortable even on the longest journey. The backpack has 2 side-pockets for a bottle of water or an umbrella and a strap management system prevents excess strap material from dangling.