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5321 burgundy red 25L Laptop backpack 15.6"

5321 burgundy red 25L Laptop backpack 15.6
25L Laptop backpack 15.6"
Product Features:

• Everyday roll top backpack perfectly suitable for daily commute, gym and short trips.
• High-quality water-resistant material with PU lamination
• The backpack features a spacious storage compartment for sportswear and gym shoes
• Inner compartments for your Laptop, documents, accessories and a section for a Tablet up to 10.1"
• Additional side zippered entrance into the main compartment
• Front waterproof zippered pocket for a smartphone, business cards, accessories with a removable carabiner for keys.
• Ergonomic/airflow backside. Two comfortable soft handles, shoulder straps with softened bands and an integrated rescue whistle on a sternum strap.
• The backpack has 2 side-pockets for bottles of water.
• Bike safety light clip-in
• Rain cover
• Unique ID code gives a 5-year extended warranty
Product Weight: 0.86 kg
External dimensions: 400x581x125 mm
Inner material: Polyester
Material: Polyester , Polyurethane
Volume, liters: 25 l
Laptop pocket size 265x391x40 mm
5321 burgundy red 25L Laptop backpack 15.6"
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Unique ID code stitched inside

Unique ID code
stitched inside

5-year extended warranty

extended warranty



Specially designed zipper pulls

Specially designed
zipper pulls

Detachable key strap

key strap


Sometimes we don’t want to be opening and closing our bag every time we want to get to our phone or some other item. That is why we have provided this Dijon laptop bag with a front zippered pocket so that you can easily access or put away any small but regularly used belonging. And because so often these are the kind of items that need to be protected from the elements, we have designed this pocket with a waterproof zipper so that come rain or snow your items will remain free from harm.


There are some items that you need to be aware of where they are located at all times. There is almost nothing worse than having to rummage around in the bottom of you bag after a long day, scrabbling around for your keys. That is why we have provided this laptop bag with a smart detachable key strap located inside the front pocket. This will mean that you know where they are at all times and keep you safe in the knowledge that you will never be wasting time trying to get into your home or car.


Hydration is absolutely key. Research has show that it helps the joints, regulates body temperature and helps with brain function. That is why we have provided not one but two side pockets that are perfectly suited to carrying your water bottles, or, if you are concerned that you may be caught up in a shower that day, why not slide in your trusty umbrella so that you can sure that whatever the elements throw at you, you won’t be caught out.

Roll Top design

Roll top backpacks offer you the ability to remain compact and your belongings to remain secure. While not only being fashionable, this feature speaks to the thought-out design behind this range. It can be folded in any way you might need and will mean that your bag will only ever be as extended or compact as it needs to be, increasing efficiency and maximising your progress.


When you are going about your day, you do not want to feel like you have to sacrifice an item and leave it behind simply because you don’t have the requisite space. This can only lead to a reduction of flexibility and adaptability. The design behind this backpack however has ensured that you can easily access an impressive 25 litres of capacity. This will mean that you can store all your sports stuff, casual clothes or any other belongings that you might need with you that day depending on your destination point.


You simply do not want to take any chances with your electronic devices, they are too vital and too expensive. That is why we have done everything we can to ensure that they are protected and held firmly in place within this Dijon laptop bag.  It is why we have created a dedicated laptop pocket that fits a 15.6" laptop and features a pocket for a tablet up to 10.1” and a zippered pocket for personal belongings. So no matter your device, with this bag, know that it is catered for and is secure.


Sometimes there isn’t enough time to be rolling up and opening the bag in an orthodox manner and you simply need to get in and get on with your day.  Or maybe you are a very organised packer and know where everything is located from top to bottom. Because of this we have added a special quick access side zip so that you can easily access your main compartment and retrieve whatever it is that you need. With this bag, no longer will you be wasting any time when you need to get to a particular item. This ‘grab and go’ feature is perfect for those who want to stay on the move and remain unimpeded.


It’s so crucial to use a backpack that sacrifices nothing in the way of comfort. This is important not simply because of one’s state of mind but also it is vital for your health. One way in which we have designed your bag to do this is the ergonomic design of the back which is a breathable mesh panel that allows air flow and so prevents a build up of perspiration that could become unpleasant. This is just another feature of this range that demonstrates the way in which it has been designed at all times to optimise your well-being.


It is important when choosing a backpack to make sure that you are able to wear it for extend periods without there leading to any form of discomfort. When carrying any kind of weight on your back it is crucial that you are doing it in a safe and sustainable manner. That is why we have designed this Dijon laptop bag with comfortable shoulder straps with softened bands. This means that no matter the weight, no matter the length of your journey, you will remain free from harm and in a happy headspace.


All high-tech backpacks these days require a sternum strap. It is a vital component to anyone that wants to feel stable and secure when moving around. This backpack’s sternum strap however goes one further and allows you to slide it up and down on the shoulder strap so that you may choose its most comfortable position. Its length can also be adjusted meaning that you can tighten or loosen it at your discretion. This chest strap then connects to the shoulder straps and reduces the jarring of the backpack. Everything has been thought through to optimise the balance of your journey.


There are times when you are moving around an airport or train or even around the office and you do not need or want to place the backpack around your shoulders. Sometimes you don’t have the time or inclination and want to just grab it and go. That is why we have created this bag with a soft carrying handle so that you can keep on the move, and the soft material will mean that whatever they weight, you can do so with comfort and ease. A velcro pad can then keep the straps neatly in place and help you to move the bag quickly and efficiently.


If you are keen on sports or have an interest in cycling or hiking, then you will know how important it is to ensure the any loose straps are neatly tied away so that they are prevented from obstructing you in your activity. This is not only because they can provide annoyance but also because they can be a very real danger should any of them become snagged. This is why we have created a special band with Velcro on the end of a strap allowing you to roll the excessive strap and fix it in place. This strap management system will mean that all your straps remain neatly folded, prevented from dangling, and fixed in place.


One of the features of this bag that speaks to its high level of design is the integrated rescue whistle located on the sternum strap buckle. Built into the buckle itself this feature will mean the you are never without this crucial and potentially life-saving device. It is the kind of device that makes this bag so perfect for those who are interested in any kind of sporting exercise. If you find yourself lost in the darkness or stranded up a hill or in any kind of danger where you need to coordinate attention on your position, then just blow on this whistle and you can be sure that you will direct any possible help in your direction to ensure the assuaging of your distress.

STURDY BUCKLE on the front

When in the countryside hiking or even when commuting through town, you need to be able to have some of your belongings close to hand so that you can quickly access them without having to go through the process of taking your bag off your shoulders and retrieving it. In order to help you with this we have designed this bag with a sturdy buckle on the front for clipping a light reflective pendant or flash light onto, or whatever else you might need to have ready-to-hand.


When using a bag you want to feel secure that you can be ultra robust with it and yet that it won’t let you down when you need it most. Weak and faulty zips and pulls are not only a deep aggravation but they can also be a serious danger in that they can lead to loss of your most vital possessions. In order to counteract this we have created this bag with zipper pulls that have stretchy rope ties and coupled this with hard cover caps. This means the you can be robust when opening your bag and do not feel the need to be too careful with it.


This laptop bag is created with a water resistant fabric with PU lamination. This means that it is soft, stretchy and obviously preventative against moisture. As a result this bag will give you the flexibility you need in your day and allay any fear that, should you get caught in a sudden shower, any of your items will result in damage. This asset also offers the stretchiness necessary to offer your bag the give it needs to provide you with that extra bit of space. Finally its breathable nature makes it the perfect bag for carrying your sportswear post-gym or exercise.

Compression strap

Along with your roll top, this Dijon laptop bag comes with a compression strap alongside a sturdy buckle and rubber band that fixes the upper section of the bag in place. This means that once you have rolled down your bag you can condense it to the optimal size for your journey. This will aid your balance and stability on your journey and can be especially useful when cycling or travelling across gradients. The sturdiness of the buckle will mean that you can rest safe in the knowledge that nothing is going to spring open at any time and your possessions will remain safe.


When out in the countryside, when out camping or even simply when commuting around town, you need to be sure that your items are being kept safe from harm and that is why this Dijon backpack comes with its own rain cover. This means that your can rest it down at the side of the court, on the games-field, or when putting up your tent at a festival, and be safe in the knowledge that everything will be safe inside. This coupled with its already water resistant fabric offers you the water-tight laptop bag you need to keep your things secure.