Collection: Ulsan

8264 black Laptop backpack 13.3-14" new

8264 black Laptop backpack 13.3-14
Series of Laptop backpacks up to 13.3-14".
Product Features:

• Urban backpack is manufactured of high-quality water resistant material.
• Additionally protected neopren hanging laptop compartment.
• The backpack has main compartment for documents, accessories.
• Two front zipped pockets for smartphone, business cards, accessories.
• Side pockets for a water bottle.
• Comfortable soft handle, shoulder straps with softened bands.
• Strap management system prevents excess strap material from dangling.
Product Weight: 0.44 kg
External dimensions: 275x405x110 mm
Material: Polyester
Inner material: Polyester
Laptop pocket size 250x355x35 mm
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high-quality water-repellent fabric

The high-quality water-repellent fabric on this Ulsan range is something you will definitely thank us for. When it comes to backpacks, we feel that this kind of material is absolutely essential to keep the contents of your bag safe and dry. Often backpacks that are either cheaply made, or even expensive backpacks that have placed too high a focus on style over practicality, lack this basic feature which will prevent your day being ruined when you find that your charger, or your phone or tablet has been ruined by the sudden storm you found yourself in. With this Ulsan range, you can bypass all of that potential trouble.

Compact but capacious

A capacious main compartment with a padded pocket for a laptop is provided, which should give you all the room you need to take whatever it is you need with you on your day. There is no doubt that we all like to have optionality during our day. We want to be able to bring along that extra book or booklet without having to leave it at home for lack of space. This bag will give you that while also remaining nice and compact, making it easier to orientate yourself around your environment. We suggest also using one of our Ulsan range of laptop sleeves for additional protection.

Two front zipped pockets

Sometimes two is better than one. Sometimes we all like that extra bit of optionality in our day, that extra choice to make. And that is definitely the case with this Ulsan backpack. The two front zipped pockets of this bag give you that extra little space where you can put away something like a phone or a glasses case and know that you can easily get to it at any time. The zips on these pockets will also add that extra level of security that you need when you are travelling around busy places like train stations, airports, or in busy urban centers.


The two side pockets of this Ulsan backpack are the perfect slots for things like an umbrella or a water bottle. We at RIVACASE know the importance of hydration. It is absolutely key to drink enough water each day in order to stay concentrated, but also to ensure long term health of things like muscles and joints. That is why we wanted to provide somewhere to store water with this backpack. Similarly, we know how irritating it can be to get drenched during your journey, and so simply grab an umbrella before you go, slot it away, and have that scenario prepped.

Comfortable padded SHOULDER STRAPs

There is nothing worse than a cheaply made bag with thin, poorly constructed shoulder straps. Not only can these lead to enormous discomfort during your journey, but it can produce long term health consequences. If you are carrying heavy loads, something we are all prone occasionally to doing, then this can put a huge pressure on your back and shoulders if the weight is not spread evenly. An even spreading of weight however is just what this backpack does though with its comfortable padded shoulder straps, keeping you safe and perfectly at ease.

Special branded textile label

We at RIVACASE believe deeply in the products we make. We put thought into every single element of the bags we create in order to construct the most practical and functional products on the market. We believe in designing items that prioritize functionality over aesthetics. Our focus is on creating ergonomic products that aim to simplify your life, regardless of the task at hand. That is why we are proud to emblazon our bags with our own specially branded textile labels to demonstrate that we stand behind our designs.


When turning up to a meeting, you want to make sure that you are looking as neat and tidy as possible. No one wants to see a scruffy employee entering the room, or even worse an interviewee. That is why we have introduced a strap management system to this Ulsan backpack so that you can make sure all the loose ends are neatly tucked away. This has the secondary benefit of making sure that any loose straps do not become snagged on branches, or in the closing of train or elevator doors. This strap management system will help ensure any hazardous occasions like this are prevented.