Collection: Ulsan

8235 light grey Laptop shoulder bag 15.6" new

8235 light grey Laptop shoulder bag 15.6
Series of Laptop bags up to 13.3 - 15.6''.
Product Features:

• Urban bag is made of high-quality water-resistant material.
• Padded sides provide extra protection from accidental damage.
• The main compartment features:
- additionally protected neoprene hanging laptop compartment.
- section for documents.
• Front zipped pocket for a smartphone, business cards and accessories.
• Dual zipper pulls for quick and easy access.
• Comfortable padded handles and a removable, adjustable strap.
Product Weight: 0.58 kg
External dimensions: 430x70x315 mm
Material: Polyester
Inner material: Polyester
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high-quality water-repellent fabric

The high-quality water-repellent fabric on this Ulsan collection is just the thing you need to ensure that you have the confidence you need as you go about your day. We all know the threat that moisture brings not only to things like paper and physical diaries, but also to electronics and devices. It is important that at all times the water is kept out, and your things kept dry. Fortunately, this Ulsan range will do just that and so prevent an unfortunate occurrence should you be unlucky enough to get caught out in a shower on your way to work.

Compact but capacious

The capacious main compartment of this laptop bag comes with a padded pocket for your laptop. This offers you some very generous room to bring along those extra files of paper, books or devices that you need so that you have everything with you, at all times, whenever you need it. The padded pocket delivers you that extra layer of protection you need to keep your laptop safe, so that your mind can rest easy as you travel from A to B. Together you will have both the optionality of the space, and comfort knowing that everything within the bag is as safe as it can possibly be.

Front zipped pocket

The front zippered pocket of this Ulsan laptop bag gives you the solution you need to the perennial issue of finding somewhere to slip away your phone, wallet, or keys. Every time you want to get to something like those things, or even a pen, you do not want to have to rummage around at the bottom of your bag looking for them. That will lead to a disorganized and stressful day when you should be doing everything within your power to stay organized and calm. This pocket allows you to put away whatever it is you need and get to it almost instantly.

Dual zipper pulls for quick access

We all know the issues with bags we've had in the past. They tend to be one of a few things, and one of the most common is the zip or the zipper pulls ending up damaged. We wanted therefore to be able to circumvent that particular issue by introducing not one but two dual zipper pulls enabling quick and easy access to whatever you need, and also, given their sturdy design, the ability to be robust with your bag without fear of it breaking.

Removable adjustable SHOULDER STRAP

The removable shoulder strap on this bag gives you the opportunity to go 'hands free' as you go about your day. This can be especially useful if you are also carrying a child with you, or you have a newspaper or extra luggage that you need to take on your journey. Not only this, but this shoulder strap is fully adjustable, meaning you can set it to exactly the right fit for you, and it also comes with sturdy clips so that you know you can rely on it day in day out without ever fearing that it is going to break and leave your belongings strewn on the airport concourse.

Special branded textile label

We at RIVACASE are super proud of the products we create. We feel that we have carved out a special niche that focuses primarily on the functional, the ergonomic, the practical, but without the sacrificing of style. Furthermore, we feel we create things that can be used by students, professionals and travelers alike, and which help them solve all the little issues they might have during their day. That is why we are proud to emblazon this Ulsan range with our own specially branded textile label. Because we stand behind the things we make, because we know they help make your lives just that little bit easier.