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8267 black Full Size Laptop backpack 17.3" new

8267 black Full Size Laptop backpack 17.3
Series of Laptop backpacks up to 17.3''.
Product Features:

• Business-style, urban backpack is manufactured of high-quality water resistant material.
• Separate laptop compartment with padded sides is additionally protected inside with a padded insert on the bottom.
• The backpack has capacious main compartment for documents, accessories.
• Front zipped pocket for smartphone, business cards, accessories.
• Side pockets for a water bottle.
• Comfortable soft handle, shoulder straps with softened bands.
• Strap management system prevents excess strap material from dangling.
Product Weight: 0.55 kg
External dimensions: 320x465x160 mm
Material: Polyester
Inner material: Polyester
Laptop pocket size 290x290x430 mm
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high-quality water-repellent fabric

The high-quality water-repellent fabric of this Ulsan backpack is something you will thank us for. We all, these days, need to ensure that the contents of our bags remain as dry as possible. This is because despite advances in technology, one thing remains unchanged - electrical items remain susceptible to water damage. Neither do you want your clothes and books getting damp, either. Fortunately, though, you will not have to worry about either eventuality as the water-repellent fabric has been constructed to such a high quality that all that water will simply run off the fabric.

Roomy front zipped compartment

Some of us are not famous for packing light. People like this want to have the option of taking that extra T-shirt or a pair of jeans. Or perhaps you have an extra device or book that you want to bring along with you. Luckily, this Ulsan backpack will allow you to do just that with its roomy front zipped compartment that gives you all the space you need to take those extra items along with you. This space will give you the optionality you need during your day to help ensure that you can keep your choices open as you forge ahead on your journey or trip away.

Separate laptop compartment with advanced protection

No matter who you are, sometimes you end up in a bit of a rush. During these moments, you might not be as careful as you otherwise would and might end up handling your backpack with a little more force. And of course there is always the danger of someone else knocking about or dropping your backpack. In order to ensure when this happens your bag's contents remain free from harm, the special padding on the bottom of this Ulsan backpack will protect all your most important items, like your laptop for instance, and keep them safe.


There are some things that we all need to carry with us on our day if we want to be ultra-prepared. These are things like an umbrella or a water bottle. An umbrella is always a handy thing to have with you if you get caught in a shower, and a water bottle is a crucial item to help maintain hydration and so provide you with the levels of concentration you need to attack your day. However neither of these two items do you want to risk putting in your bag. That is why we have provided not one but two side pockets so that you can slip these things away and get to them at a moment's notice.

ergonomic design

Comfortable shoulder straps with softened bands and a specially designed padded back with air mesh that enables better ventilation are more ways that make this Ulsan backpack the perfect travel companion. It is actually quite dangerous to carry heavy loads for extended periods while using a poorly constructed bag. Badly designed straps can put huge pressure on your neck and shoulders and lead to injury. Similarly, cheaply made backpacks often lead to huge discomfort in warm conditions. This ergonomic backpack with its comfortable straps and padded back will help you by-pass all of this.

Front zippered pocket

The front zippered pocket of this backpack will keep the momentum of your day going. There are some items, like phones, chargers, pens or notepads, that we do not want to be rummaging around in our bag for every time that we need them. That is why we have made sure to include a front pocket with this backpack so that you can quickly grab them and go. And because you do not want to be taking any chances with your belongings, we have made sure that they will be securely locked away with a high quality zip.


When travelling at speed, you want to make sure you are as compact as possible. Having straps flying about the place can lead to serious injury if they become trapped in things like elevator doors, and they can also provide a hindrance when moving through things like crowded city centers. That is why we have made sure this backpack comes with its own strap management system so that you can make sure all the loose ends are neatly tucked away, keeping you nice and compact, and ready to slice through crowded spaces like a knife through butter!