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7764 black Full Size Laptop backpack 15.6" new

7764 black Full Size Laptop backpack 15.6
15.6'' Laptop Backpack.
Product Features:

• Urban backpack is manufactured of high-quality water-resistant material.
• Separate laptop compartment with padded sides is additionally protected inside with a padded insert on the bottom.
• The backpack has capacious main compartment for documents and accessories.
• Front zipped pocket for a smartphone, business cards, accessories.
• Side pockets for a water bottle.
• Comfortable soft handle, shoulder straps with softened bands.
• Strap management system prevents excess strap material from dangling.
Product Weight: 0.64 kg
External dimensions: 290x430x180 mm
Inner material: Polyester
Material: Polyester
Laptop pocket size 280x280x410 mm
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high-quality water-repellent fabric

The high quality water-repellent fabric on this backpack is something you will thank us for when you get caught out in a shower. No one likes getting soaked through, but these occasions are made ten times worse if you know that the contents of your bag, which might contain things like your best clothes and your most crucial electrical devices, are soaked through too. That is why we have made it a priority to make sure that the fabric of this backpack will lead to the water simply running off, leaving your things dry, and your mind at ease.

Front zippered pocket

No one likes to have to stop and start on their day. You want always to be able to maintain momentum as much as possible so that you can achieve as many of your goals as you can. The front zippered pocket of this backpack will enable you to do just that. Simply slip away things like a phone or a wallet and retrieve them too at a moment's notice without having to face any delay. You can rest safe in the knowledge that they are protected too and free from the risk of falling out of an open pocket with the high-quality zip that is provided.

Spacious and well-organized front zipped compartment

The spacious and well organized front zippered compartment on this Ulsan backpack features two pockets for small gadgets and an internal zippered pocket for valuables. This means that you will be able to keep supremely organized on your day and give you the clarity of mind you get from knowing where all of your things are at all times of the day. Not only this, but the internal zippered pocket gives you that ultra safe spot for things like a passport or a purse, so that you can ensure that they are always kept on your person and hidden away from pick-pockets.

Roomy middle zipped compartment

Some of us like to have all the options on our journeys. We do not want to have to choose between taking this T-shirt or that T-shirt, and we want instead to be able to take all of those extra items so that we can have the choice for whatever variable might be thrown at us. Luckily for these individuals, the roomy middle zipped compartment of this Ulsan backpack gives you all the optionality you need with its generous capacious space, so that whatever task or event you are faced with, you know that you have all the items with you that you need.

Separate laptop compartment with advanced protection

The special padding on the bottom of this backpack will mean that should you end up being a little more robust with your backpack than normal, and giving it a little more force, your items will remain safe and unharmed. Further to this, the separate laptop compartment will offer your most precious item the advanced protection it needs to keep it safe on your journey. These are the kinds of measures that we at RIVACASE take to ensure that you do not have to end up making that awful journey to the computer repair shop and instead can remain calm and prepared with all the working devices you need.


Sometimes in life, two is better than one. And we certainly took that philosophy with this backpack and offered you not one but two side pockets, which are the perfect place for slotting away things like a water bottle and umbrella. We at RIVACASE know the importance of staying hydrated and how crucial that is for a wide range of health benefits. We also know how annoying it is to get caught in the soaking wet, and so that is why we have provided these two slots, on the outside of your bag, to ensure any residual dampness does not disturb your other belongings.

ergonomic design

Comfortable shoulder straps with softened bands will help prevent one of the main dangers of backpacks - carrying heavy weights with cheaply made straps. This issue can lead to long-term health consequences if done for a prolonged time. Fortunately, we have made sure with our bags that weight is spread evenly across the back and shoulders, keeping you safe and comfortable. We have also designed the bag with a specially designed padded back with air mesh for better ventilation, so that even if you end up on a long and hot journey, you remain perfectly at ease.


There is no doubt that a messy appearance can lead to bad performance. Not only can it leave a bad impression on others - and potentially those who employ you or seek to employ you, but it also leads personally to a less careful and considered approach to your day. That is why we have made sure that this backpack comes with its own strap management system so that you remain as tidy and neat as possible, and also so that you remain unhindered as you go about your day, and free from the worry that your backpack might become snagged or trapped as you orientate yourself around.