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5512 grey Waist bag for mobile devices

5512 grey Waist bag for mobile devices
Waist/sling bag for mobile devices

Product Features:
• Colorful waist/sling bag for a smartphone and Tablet up to 10.1"
• Bag is manufactured using high-quality water-repellent material
• The main compartment features an additional inner pocket for documents.
• Hidden back zipped pocket for your passport and wallet
• Adjustable waist belt
• Bike safety light clip-in
Product Weight: 0.145 kg
External dimensions: 355x170x95 mm
Internal dimensions: 350x165x90 mm
Inner material: Polyester
Material: Polyester
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5511 light blue Waist bag for mobile devices
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5512 blue Waist bag for mobile devices
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Waist bags are so useful and so practical because of their size and the way they seem to not get in the way of almost any activity you are doing. That doesn't mean however that we have sacrificed anything in the way of space in ensuring this ultra-practical item is functioning at its best. This Mestalla bag comes with a capacious main compartment that is protected with a zipper. It fits tablets up to 10.1" in dimension and is the perfect place to tuck away any electronic goods you need to keep safe while on the move.


There are some items that we all carry with us that we simply cannot take any chances with. A passport, a purse, these are things you don't want to be putting into just any old pocket. A waist bag, fortunately, is already a very secure space for your belongings but we have gone one step further to increase the safety of your possessions but introducing a hidden back zippered pocket for these special items so that no matter what your activity is, you can be safe in the knowledge your items are tucked away securely.

internal zippered pocket

Some waist bags offer you the obvious practicality that any sling bag does in that it is easy to simply slip them on and go about whatever task you need to complete with both hands free, feeling completely unburdened. This Mestalla bag though has been designed not only to keep your belongings safe but also neat and organized. As such it comes with its own internal zippered pocket for you to store away your things carefully and precisely and so helping to make your days as efficient and smooth as possible.

dual zipper pulls for quick and easy access

There are few things worse than bags designed with a flimsy single zipper that is bound to let you down in the middle of the airport concourse leaving your items sprayed across the floor. Not only this but a single zipper can be a real bind to find in poor light and your ease of access to your bag is massively increased by the addition of a second zip. That is why this waist bag comes with dual soft stitched pullers for smooth access and for a more comfortable trip.


These days you cannot be taking any chances at all with your electronic devices. They are simply too valuable and too key to our everyday lives, both in the professional and social sense. And, despite technological advancement that has occurred over the past few decades it is still the case that our devices are very susceptible to moisture damage. That is why we have made sure that this Mestalla bag comes with its own water-repellent fabric to keep the moisture out and your devices safe and so keep you confident about your journey or activity, come rain or shine.


It is infuriating when bags are designed with flimsy useless aspects that will be sure to let you down in your hour of need. Nowhere is this more true than in the buckles that help bind the bag itself to you. If these are cheaply or poorly constructed then they will easily rub and wear over time and will eventually snap and break. In order to circumvent this we have designed this bag with a sturdy buckle so that no matter how long the journey, and no matter how many journeys you go on, you can depend on this bag.

adjastable waist-belt

Loose straps and components of a bag can not only be a real nuisance when they get in the way but can also potentially pose severe health risks. Many accidents have occurred from loose ends getting trapped in train or elevator doors or from getting snagged on a branch when traveling at speed, say on a bicycle. That is why we have made sure this bag comes with a special buckle that fixes the excessive strap and adjusts the length of the belt so that you remain compact and tidy on your journey ahead.


The side loop on the side of a backpack or sling bag might at first seem like a little design oddity for which you can't determine any apparent purpose. Once you begin to see its use though, it can quickly become one of the most useful features of your bag and save you a great deal of hassle. This side loop is the perfect spot to attach a set of keys or anything else that you might need when going about on your day. It's the perfect place for anything you need to get to at a moment's notice or on a regular basis and will become an invaluable aspect of your Mestalla bag after first use.