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7614 Navy camo Waist bag for mobile devices

7614 Navy camo Waist bag for mobile devices
Waist/sling bag for mobile devices.

Product Features:
• Military-style waist/sling bag with MOLLE-webbing elements of design is manufactured of durable water resistant material with PU lamination.
• The main compartment features an additional inner zipped pocket for your passport, wallet and comes with a detachable key strap.
• Hidden back zipped pocket for a smartphone.
• Adjustable waist belt.
Product Weight: 0.2 kg
External dimensions: 355x170x95 mm
Internal dimensions: 320x165x90 mm
Inner material: Polyester
Material: Polyester , Polyurethane

Military-style waist/sling bag with MOLLE-webbing elements of design

This military-style waist-bag comes with MOLLE-webbing elements of design used to aid members of the armed forces in combat tasks. This means that should you so wish you could clip on extra elements to the highly durable nylon stitching. This might be especially useful when say out camping, when traveling around a foreign city or bopping around at a festival. If you have no immediate need for this element though you can simply benefit from this impressive design that will be bound to make you stand out from the crowd. Because sometimes, even when being a civilian, you need to be prepared for the battle ahead.


These days it is crucial to not take any chances whatsoever with your valuables. The electronic devices that we carry around with us are simply too precious and contain too much valuable information to risk. A waist bag also tends to carry a whole range of incredibly crucial documents that you want to keep dry and protected at all times. That is why we have made sure that this sling bag comes with a water-repellent fabric with PU lamination that acts as a natural water barrier. So no matter if you get caught out in a shower you can remain calm and continue on your way with confidence.


Many waist bags these days fail to take into account the fine balance that needs to be struck between space and practicality. It is no good having a bag that is so cute and unobtrusive that it is unable to carry any of the things that you really need for your day ahead. Similarly, this can be taken the other way and you can end up laden with a bag that is incredibly cumbersome and unwieldy. This sling bag circumvents this issue and offers you a capacious main zippered compartment that will enable you to carry all of the items that you so desperately need for whatever task it is that lies ahead, but at the same time will remain out of your way and easy to carry.

internal zippered pocket

There are some items that are simply too precious to be taking any chances with. A wallet or a phone is not the kind of thing you want to be slotting into some kind of exterior pouch or pocket. That is why we have made certain to include an internal zippered pocket with this waist bag so that you can slip whatever it is that you need away in a place of absolute heightened security and so that it is away from both the prying eyes of thieves and also exactly where you need it, whenever you need it.

detachable key strap

There are few things more irritating than missing a key. Similarly, there are few things more irritating than having to scrabble around in a dark bag looking for a key on a cold and rainy night. Ending up doing these kinds of things is so easy to do though when say out at a festival or out camping somewhere. That is why we have introduced a detachable key strap to this bag so that you can have your keys clipped safely away inside your bag and know where they are at all times. It is this kind of detail that will help lend the organization you need to make the most of your day ahead.


Some documents or items are ones that we want to give an extra level of security to protect. We all know the feeling of putting a passport and boarding pass in our pocket after check out and being unsure of whether it might slip out and cause massive trouble ahead. That is why we have included a hidden back zippered pocket on this waist bag so that you can put away items like this at a time like those and be certain that they are being kept in the most secure of conditions, away from prying eyes, and at no risk of falling out of your grasp.

Specially designed zipper pulls for quick and easy access

You need to be able to rely on your bag at all times of the day. A bag though, that has been poorly designed, with lazily constructed cheap elements is one that you simply cannot depend on. That is why we have been sure to make this waist bag come with specially designed zipper pulls for quick and easy access. They have been robustly made so that you can be firm with them and yet be sure that they are not going to snap and leave all your items strewn across the floor. The dual nature of them will help both to put less pressure on the zip and also accelerate your speed of access.


It's difficult to think of an item that we might take around with us that will have a higher concentration of valuable items in such a confined space as a waist bag. A phone, wallet, passport, keys, the list goes on of the numerous things that it will likely be tasked with carrying. As such it is absolutely crucial that the bag remains securely fastened to you and is in no danger of slipping off which could lead to a calamitous loss of your belongings. That is why this waist bag has been created with a sturdy buckle so that you can continue on your journey with ease and confidence.

adjustable waist-belt

In life, you want to above all maintain the ability to adapt. Being able to adapt to new situations and new environments is absolutely key to success. When using a waist bag we are often confronted with the need to adapt to new weather conditions - to put on an extra sweater or coat, or similarly to take one or both of them off. That is why an adjustable waist-belt is necessary so that you can do all this and then simply tighten or loosen the belt at your leisure and remain comfortable in whatever it is that you are doing.