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5314 black Waist bag for mobile devices

5314 black Waist bag for mobile devices
Waist/sling bag for mobile devices

Product Features:
• Waist/sling bag for your smartphone and Tablet is manufactured of durable water-resistant material with PU lamination
• Waterproof front zippered compartment for a passport and wallet
• Hidden back zippered pocket with plush interior for a smartphone
• Detachable key strap
• Bike safety light clip-in
• Adjustable waist belt
• Unique ID code gives a 5-year extended warranty
Product Weight: 0.22 kg
External dimensions: 330x170x95 mm
Internal dimensions: 320x165x90 mm
Inner material: Polyester
Material: Polyester , Polyurethane
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These days our devices are a top priority. They contain our social and professional lives and guard too much private information for us to be taking any chances with them. That is why we have made the safety of your devices a top priority and created this Dijon bag out of a water-repellent fabric that comes with PU lamination to ensure that even if you are caught out in a shower the items inside your bag will remain free from harm. So go about your day with the freedom of mind that no matter what the sky looks like above you, you will be okay.

capacious MAIN ZIPPERED COMPARTMENT + detachable key strap

A capacious main zippered compartment with this Dijon bag will mean that you will have all the space you need for your most important and treasured possessions. So even if you need to take your wallet or purse, your small Tablet or phone along with you as well as your notepad and pens, you will have all the space you need to give you that flexibility you want during your day. And because we want you to avoid that age-old problem of losing your keys, and to avoid them jangling in a pocket, we have given you a nifty key strap as well.

front zippered pocket

There are some items that we all need with us that we will constantly need to access throughout the day. And to do this, you do not want to be constantly undoing your waist bag in order to get to it. That is why we have designed this bag with a front zippered pocket for those essentials which you need to get access to frequently and with ease.

internal zippered pocket

The internal zippered pocket of this bag is created to give you the option of keeping certain items in ultimate care. Obviously, a waist bag is already an incredibly safe environment for your belongings. The waist bag is a well-known choice for those seeking to prevent pickpockets from stealing their items for instance. However, if you really want to be safe in mind then this pocket will mean that not only is the item on your person, but located within the bag and safe within a further zone, giving it all the security you need.


The hidden back zippered pocket is perhaps the most secretive aspect of the whole bag. It might deceive even those who come across it when it is not on your person and when it still might contain some very special items. The inconspicuous little pocket will mean that you can get to whatever you need easily but that crucially pocket will not be on show as you go about your day. Moreover, this hidden pocket with plush interior is specially designed for a smartphone so that your phone will remain completely free from harm when inside.

Specially designed zipper pulls for quick and easy access

The specially designed zipper pulls on this Dijon bag will make for the quick and easy access that you need and deserve on your day. Gone are the days when you should be using flimsy plastic zippers that are both difficult to use and which inevitably end up breaking. Taking inspiration from and building off the obvious efficacy of mountaineering equipment designs, these pulls will enable you to get to whatever you need to get to at a moment's notice and enable you to zip back up with ultimate ease.


No waist bag is one worth considering investing in unless it comes with a proper buckle. Given you will almost never use a bag that contains such an important number of items in such a small space, you should probably make sure that the thing that is tying it to your person is one that is fully secure. That is why we made sure that the buckle on this waist bag is incredibly heavy-duty and robust so that even if you are climbing up a mountain or knocking it about at a festival, you can be sure that your bag is going nowhere.

adjustable waist-belt

We know that everyone comes in different shapes and sizes. There is no point in denying this. We also know that you want the flexibility to be able to wear what you want without having to worry about whether your waist bag will fit you. You want to be able to wear a sweater and jacket when the weather is poor, but also be able to wear simply a T-shirt or even no shirt at all when the weather is good. That is why the adjustable waist belt on this bag is so useful. Simply make it the appropriate length you need and crack on with the day ahead.