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5311 blue Waist bag for mobile devices

This waist bag is designed to be the ultimate assistant to you on your travels. It is large enough to hold all your essential items, while also not being so large that it provides a hinderance. Clipping neatly around one’s waist it has been created to contain all your most precious belongings in a highly secure location.
5311 blue Waist bag for mobile devices
Waist/sling bag for mobile devices
Product Features:

• Waist/sling bag for smartphone and Tablets up to 7.9"
• Manufactured using high-quality water-resistant material with PU lamination
• Front waterproof zippered compartment with plush interior for sunglasses
• Hidden back zippered pocket for a smartphone, Tablet, passport and wallet
• Removable carabiner for keys
• Bike safety light clip-in
• Adjustable waist belt
• Unique ID code gives a 5-year extended warranty
Product Weight: 0.15 kg
External dimensions: 285x150x40 mm
Internal dimensions: 230x135x20 mm
Inner material: Polyester
Material: Polyester , Polyurethane
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5311 burgundy red Waist bag for mobile devices
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Unique ID code stitched inside

Unique ID code
stitched inside

5-year extended warranty

extended warranty



Specially designed zipper pulls

Specially designed
zipper pulls

Detachable key strap

key strap


The front pocket of your waist bag is designed for those essentials which you need to get access to frequently and with ease. That is why we have designed this pocket specially for carrying your sunglasses or a smartphone. It has a plush interior lining to protect your personal belongings from scratches and a waterproof zipper to protect your smartphone from any unexpected exposure to moisture. This means what while this pocket provides easy access, it sacrifices nothing in the way of safety. 


When travelling abroad, moving around a festival, hiking up a hill or even just going on night out, you want to know that all your most vital essentials are close to your person and protected from loss or theft. That is why the main zippered compartment of this Dijon waist bag comes with enough room for a 7-inch Tablet, powerbank, wallet and keys.  An additional pocket for a smartphone inside is also provided. All of this is protected with a zipper, ensuring that all your items are kept safe and secure.


When out and about, there are some items that need to be ready and close to hand for immediate use and not tucked away in a bag somewhere. And if you’re travelling lighter and without a backpack, perhaps these are items too that are impractical to be carried in your pockets. To help you with this, on the front of this waist bag you will find a sturdy buckle for clipping a light reflective pendant to, or a flash light, or whatever else you might need on your journey.


Rummaging around in the bottom of a bag or pockets searching for those tricky pair of keys is one of the more tedious experiences we’ve all gone through. Luckily this waist bag offers the chance to circumvent ever having to undergo such an exercise again by including a smart detachable key strap stitched inside the main compartment of the bag. This means that you will always know where they are at any time and will never again face the torment of being stuck outside your house or car. 


This Dijon waist bag has been designed with a water resistant fabric with PU lamination. This leads to a bag that is stretchy, soft and preventative against moisture. This means that you will have the flexibility in your day that should you get caught in an unfortunate shower, you can be certain that your items will remain free from damage. This offers you the stretchiness necessary to offer your bag that extra bit of give that it needs to provide you with that extra bit of space. Lastly, its breathable nature makes this the perfect bag for carrying around your waist all day in perfect comfort.


When using any bag you want to remain sure that it is going to be a trusty companion and not let you down when you need it most. Faulty or weak zips and pulls can be a huge irritation but worse than that they can lead to serious consequences such as the loss or theft of your most valuable possessions. In order to combat this we have created this waist bag with zipper pulls connected to stretchy rope ties and coupled these with hard caps. This means that you can be robust when opening you bag and do not have to fear causing any damage.


If you are a keen sportsman and enjoy a hike or a cycle, or even if you are simply a keen festival goer or traveller, then you will know the importance of ensuring that any loose straps are neatly tied away and do not provide a hindrance to you. This is not only crucial because of the added annoyance they can provide by their dangling, but there is also a real danger that they can become snagged. This bag prevents this and comes with its own special rubber band to fix the excessive strap after adjustment of the belt; so you can remain compact and free from annoyance or danger.


The safety of your most valuable possession has been our ultimate priority in the design of this Dijon waist bag. We want to make sure that you feel that you can go anywhere with it, for any amount of time, and not in anyway feel that it could you let down. That is why we have provided this bag with an extra sturdy buckle clip. Simply clip yourself in and crack on with your journey and know that everything will remain secure and in place.