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5235 grey/red 30L Duffel bag

This Mercantour duffle bag has been designed for those active people who are interested in outdoor pursuits, who want to make a quick and easy weekend getaway, or who need a dependable bag when commuting from home to the office and gym. As such we have made sure that it provides the user with ultimate flexibility and adaptability.
5235 grey/red 30L Duffel bag
30L Duffel bag
Product Features:

• Light and capacious duffle bag for gym and trips
• High-quality water-resistant material
• Spacious storage compartment for sportswear and a separate side pocket for gym shoes
• Side pocket for two bottles of water
• Side zippered pocket for a smartphone, passport and wallet comes with a detachable key strap and a pocket for a bottle of water or umbrella
• Dual zipper pulls for quick and easy access
• Duffel bag features a full-length U-shaped opening providing easy access to the main compartment.
• Carry it comfortably with padded handles and a removable adjustable strap with an anti-slip shoulder pad.
• Light reflecting design elements
• Unique ID code gives a 5-year extended warranty
Product Weight: 0.75 kg
External dimensions: 480x280x260 mm
Inner material: Nylon
Material: Nylon
Volume, liters: 30 l
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Unique ID code stitched inside

Unique ID code
stitched inside

5-year extended warranty

extended warranty



Light reflecting design elements

Light reflecting
design elements

Detachable key strap

key strap


Flexibility is something that we all need in our lives and never is this more apparent than when travelling. Flexibility gives you options and ultimately gets you where you want go faster. That is why we have ensured that you can carry this Mercantour duffel bag with its long soft handles or, if you are perhaps carrying a heavier load or maybe you just need an extra hand free, we have provided a removable adjustable shoulder strap with an anti-slip shoulder pad. This means that whatever your style of travel, you’ll you have options, you’ll have flexibility.


Some items are so precious that they just deserve heightened security. Because of this, within the zippered side pocket we have created a further internal zippered pocket. Here you can stow away a wallet or a passport and be safe in the knowledge that it is not going anywhere. Also, because no one likes to scrabble around in the dark at the bottom of a bag, especially after a long gym session and be looking for that pair of keys you need, we have provided a detachable key strap so that you know exactly where they are at all times.


When packing for your day or trip away you want to feel fully prepared. There is nothing worse than having to sacrifice a few extra items that you know you may need simply because you cannot fit them into your bag. However the central zippered compartment of this Mercantour duffle bag bypasses this issue by offering you up to 20 litres of capacity. This capacious space is easily accessed and will allow you to store all of your casual and sports clothes, that extra pair of boots or water bottle or whatever other item or belonging you may need with you on that day.


Sometimes after a work-out session at the gym or on the sports field, or when you have been out camping or skiing for the day you do not want to put any wet or dirty clothes in your bag amongst your other items. To fix this  particular dilemma this Mercantour bag offers you an extra side zippered pocket so that you can organise your stuff in a better way. All of our range seeks to optimise your lifestyle and this is just one more feature that does so.


When on a hike up the mountain, skiing down a slope or pumping iron in the gym, hydration is key.  It help the muscles and joints to work and to perform better, it helps to maintain the right body temperature, and it aids concentration. Because we recognise the importance of this we have provided not one but two elastic loops for bottles so that they are held firmly in place inside the pocket. You can use these for water, or, if you’re that way inclined, you can use it to hold that much needed protein shake to aid your recovery post exercise.


With the potential for your electronic devices being carried, as well as extra clothing, and any other belongings you decide to take with you inside this Mercantour duffle bag, it is important that you are prepared for what the elements might bring. There are few things worse than finding yourself in a rainstorm and worrying about whether your items will survive even when they are stowed away in a bag. To get around this issue the outer layer of this Mercantour bag is made with a water-resistant fabric. As a result you can be content in the knowledge that your goods are packed away safely come rain or snow.


No one wants to put their dirty shoes in with their clothes and other belongings. Even if they are just indoor gym shoes it is desirable to be able to keep them separate from the rest of your items. This Mercantour bag provides a side zippered pocket for this exact purpose. Simply slide your shoes away after use and keep them tidily in their own private compartment.


One further aspect of this bag are the light-reflective design elements in the way of reflective lines and logo on the side which enables better visibility at night. These elements will make you better visible to cars and transport when cycling on the roads. If you are walking through urban environments with heavy traffic, this kind of technology can make a big difference to your level of safety. And if you are packing away your things in the dark, for example when camping, this kind of detail is exactly what you need to be able to see where everything is at anytime.


With this Mercantour range the zipper pulls have been specially designed for those partaking in outdoor pursuits. There will be no fiddling and messing about with this duffle bag as you trouble yourself with meddlesome zips. The zippers on this bag are sturdy and robust and elongated bungee-cord-like pulls will come in especial help when you find yourself in the cold or with gloves on and need to quickly access a particular item.


We at Rivacase believe in our products. We know the high level of craft and design that goes into making sure every element of our products meets the highest standards. We also believe in our loyal customer base and want to do everything we can help them in their day to day lives. This is why we are providing with this bag a 5-year warranty if you register it on the My RIVACASE page at  Every Mercantour duffle bag will come with its own unique ID inside. Because we believe that the products we sell make your life easier; we believe in the high standards we set.


To make sure that even when the full 20 litres of the bag are at full capacity your bag can more than withstand the weight, we have designed sturdy clips which attach the shoulder strap to the bag. This means that you can move around from place to place with one or even both hands free and be at the same time absolutely certain that your bag will remain in position and the bag itself free from harm or stress.