Collection: Mestalla

5541 blue 30L Lite folding travel bag

5541 blue 30L Lite folding travel bag
30L Duffle bag

Product Features:
• Light and capacious folding travel bag for gym and trips
• High-quality water-resistant material
• This spacious bag will transform into a small folded bag that you can easily put into your luggage.
• Capacious storage compartment
• Side pocket for a bottle of water
• Trolley strap with a zippered pocket for a passport and wallet easily attaches the duffle to any rolling luggage.
• Dual zipper pulls for quick and easy access
• Duffle features a full-length U-shaped opening for easy access to find what you need.
• Carry it comfortably with padded handles and a removable adjustable strap.

External dimensions/dimensions when folded (mm): 465x270x260 / 260x270x20
Product Weight: 0.36 kg
External dimensions: 465x270x260 mm
Internal dimensions: 463x268x258 mm
Inner material: Polyester
Material: Polyester
Volume, liters: 30 l
Folded dimensions: 260x270x20 mm
Laptop pocket size 268x463x258 mm
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Completely foldable

These days practicality is paramount. Gone are these days where you need to be hulking great big heavy bags that are impossible to wield. Not only this but these kinds of large bags take up a huge amount of storage space in your cupboards and can be a real nuisance. Luckily this lightweight bag is both incredibly spacious but also supremely practical. It will quickly transform into a small folded bag that you can easily put into your luggage or tidy away in a cupboard. Functional and adaptable products are a hallmark of RIVACASE and this Mestalla bag typifies this.


Often when carrying your bag, the orthodox method of using the handles is the most convenient method, but sometimes when moving about on your day you need that extra hand free to carry a book or your phone. Or maybe after a hard session's work in the gym or on the games-field you simply need to take that extra weight off your arms and put it onto your shoulders. That is why we have provided both long, soft handles should you be in a more orthodox mood, but also a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, should you need an extra hand free, and so that you can make sure it is exactly the right fit for you.


When choosing a gym bag or overnight bag you want to think about ways not to limit yourself. Inevitably on some journeys and for some sports, you will need to carry quite a fair bit of extra gear and you don't want to sacrifice on space and end up buying a handbag! As a result, this Mestalla bag has been constructed in a way that gives you easy access to 30 liters capacity. This capacious interior will offer you more than enough room to store all your sports gear, clothes or any other belongings, depending on your destination point or activity.


Of course, the main use of a bag like this is to store your larger items in an efficient and easy way and so that you can get on and crack on with your day. But that doesn't mean that we at RIVACASE haven't considered the importance of optimizing your organization as well. To organize your stuff in a better way we have included a side pocket so that you can slot away a couple of notepads or any other small staff and know that they are organized and not crumpled away in the main compartment.


Sometimes when you are orientating yourself around an airport concourse or along a train platform you really need an extra hand free or need in someway to balance the weight of what you're carrying. Simply resting one bag on another with wheels might be a good short-term solution but then try going over uneven ground like cobbles or having to lift it up stairs or into a carriage and you may run into some difficulties. That is why we have included a trolley strap with this Mestalla bag so that you can attach your bag to another and maintain sturdy stability that will allow you to orientate yourself with ease.


Sometimes we need an extra slot for our most precious items. There are certain belongings that we carry with us that you simply do not want to be taking any chances with at all. And we all know the panic that can set in when you have to scrabble around at the bottom of a big bag looking for say a passport that you can't find, and this is made even worse when in a rush for a train or plane. That is why we have provided a nifty little zippered pocket cleverly located in the trolley strap of the bag so that you can slide your item away in an inconspicuous and highly secure place.


We at RIVACASE take the issue of practicality and functionality incredibly seriously. While we develop products that are beautiful pieces too, we also want to make sure that the things we make, in turn, make your lives much easier. One problem with carrying around a case is that at times in confined spaces you are unable to maneuver it without it knocking into objects or people. One way in which we have got round this issue is by providing an additional handle on the side. Imagine how useful this will be say when moving down the corridor of a plane and being able to rotate the bag on its end. It is the small adjustments like this that help make this Mestalla bag so special.


These days you do not want to be taking any chances at all with your most valuable possessions. And while this bag might contain a lot of clothes and your other belongings, it is more than likely at some point to also be carrying some of your electronic devices. And as such we have needed to design a bag that can combat moisture and make sure that everything inside remains dry and safe. That is why we have made this bag out of a water-repellent fabric so that your devices remain secure, and, also, so that your clothes are perfectly dry even if you end up getting unlucky and caught in a sudden shower.


It is the small and carefully added features that add up to make an extraordinary item. It is the fine details which come together to create something that is a pleasure to use day in day out. This bag comes with soft carrying handles so that you are able to carry your bag for long journeys, no matter what the weight is, without them causing any kind of discomfort to your hands but not only this they also come with a velcro fixation so that you can neatly attach them together and so create a stable and compact carrying experience for your journey ahead.


A bag like this is really only as good as the clips that hold it in place. Bags that are made with cheap and flimsy clips will always ultimately let you down and create a huge bother for you in the long run. We at RIVACASE though believe in creating products that stand the test of time and we certainly do not subscribe to the kind of 'fast-fashion' philosophy of producing products that have short life-spans and which will be thrown away within the year. That is why we have designed this bag with sturdy clips which attach the shoulder strap in place and which you can rely on even for the longest of journeys.