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5717 grey Cooler bag, 17L new

5717 grey Cooler bag, 17L
Сooler (lunch) bag

Product Features:
• Light color to reduce heating under sun
• Dirt-resistant and water-repellent outside fabric
• Leakproof lining
* Comfortable soft handles with a reliable fixture in the bottom of the bag
Product Weight: 0.35 kg
External dimensions: 350x220x220 mm
Internal dimensions: 340x210x210 mm
Inner material: PEVA
Material: PEVA
Volume, liters: 17 l
5563 black 18L Lite urban backpack

high-quality water-repellent and dirt-resistant fabric

This Gremio bag is made out of the kind of material that you can rely on, any day of the week. That is because it has been constructed out of a high-quality water-repellent material, which means that should you get caught in an unfortunate shower, or should you end up putting your cooler bag down in a slight puddle, you can be sure that your food will remain untouched. Also, if that happens to be a muddy little puddle, then you can rest safe in the knowledge the dirt-resistant fabric will help prevent any unwanted dirt from sticking to the bag.

Light color to reduce heating under the sun

A dark-colored cooler bag might look good, but it won't help keep your bag cool. We all know the science behind it, and so we are amazed at RIVACASE when we still see companies creating cooler bags in a way which seems directly counter-intuitive to the exact purpose of the bag. At RIVACASE though, we believe in ergonomics over everything and so that is why we have made sure that our bag comes in a light colour which makes a huge difference in reducing the heating of the bag as it sits under the heavy rays of the sun all afternoon.

Leakproof lining

The leakproof lining of this bag is a vital aspect of this bag. We all know that problem of putting half-eaten foods and drinks back into a cooler bag. Perhaps they are still a little bit sticky, perhaps you're not able to fully repackage them. In these moments, you do not want to have to be carrying a whole bunch of things that can leak onto your car or onto you. And you want a quick and easy way that you can clean the bag and without it being ruined with all sorts of things getting into the fabric. That is why you will thank us for this water-tight leakproof lining.

Better insulation to keep your food fresh

You need proper insulation for a proper cooler bag. Without this, there is no chance that you will be getting that ice-cold coke or beer, or tasting fresh sandwiches and salads. That is why we have made sure that this bag has been designed with an incomparable level of insulation so that no matter how long your journey to the picnic is, and no matter how hot a day it is, from the moment you open the bag you can rest assured that all of your guests will be enjoying the freshest food available in the great outdoors spot you find yourself in.

Sturdy soft handles

With this cooler bag, we wanted to create something that you could rely on to last you many years into the future, but which was also a comfortable companion along the way. That is why we have made sure that it comes with a reliable fixture in the bottom of the bag so that it remains sturdy and upright instead of crumpled. And that is also why we have made sure it comes with comfortable soft handles with a special Velcro fixation, so that you can easily tie the handle together and carry it to lunchtime with ease, no matter the length of the journey.