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5705 grey Cooler bag, 5L new

5705 grey Cooler bag, 5L
Series of cooler (lunch) bags

Product Features:
• Light color to reduce heating under the sun
• Dirt-resistant and water-repellent outside fabric
• Leakproof lining
* Comfortable soft handle with a reliable fixture in the bottom of the bag

Inner volume / Developed to carry:
5 L / 6 х 0,5 L cans
Product Weight: 0.16 kg
External dimensions: 225x150x155 mm
Internal dimensions: 220x145x150 mm
Inner material: PEVA
Material: PEVA
Volume, liters: 5 l
5563 black 18L Lite urban backpack

high-quality water-repellent and dirt-resistant fabric

Turning up at a picnic after a long journey and finally finding a good spot to settle, only to find that your all-important food has been ruined by the rain you found yourself in, is not a situation you want to find yourself in. Fortunately, though, the high-quality water-repellent material on this bag will prevent that from happening, keeping your food fresh and untouched and ready to eat. The material is also a dirt-resistant fabric, meaning that should your bag pick up anything unwanted, it won't dirty your car for the return journey home.

Light color to reduce heating under the sun

The colour of this bag has been specially chosen to reduce the levels of its heat as it sits under the sun. Often you see cooler bags that are made up of fancy dark-colored designs, which have precisely the adverse effect of what the function of the bag is in the first place. We at RIVACASE though believe in function above all, and so that is why we have made sure that this bag is a utilitarian light colour to ensure that on those hot days when the sun is beating down, your drinks and food remain as fresh as when you first packed them.

Leakproof lining

With all the kinds of things you put into a cooler bag, with all the kinds of liquids that are involved, and with the journey back, where you will likely have a selection of half-eaten and half-drunk foods and drinks, there is always the chance that you will get leaks and spillages. That is why this Gremio cooler bag comes with a leakproof lining so that you can be absolutely certain you will not have to deal with any unwanted liquids landing on either your clothes as you return home, or in your vehicle on your journey back. This will take the stress out of your lunch, so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Better insulation to keep your food fresh

A picnic where the lemonade is already warm and the fruit already starting to fade, is no picnic at all. It is absolutely essential that all of your foods are as fresh as they are when you take them out of the fridge. For this to be made possible, your cooler bag needs to have top level insulation. And with this Gremio bag you luckily have just that. Our team have knocked their heads together and produced an incomparable level of insulation so that whatever it is that you choose for your lunch, you can be sure that no matter the journey, it will be as cool as it was when it was first put in the bag.

Sturdy soft handles

With this Gremio cooler bag, we wanted to make something that was both comfortable to carry but which you could rely on no matter the challenge. That is why we have provided the bag with comfortable soft handles so that if you are faced with a long walk through the park to your picnic spot, you will find it a smooth ride. But this is also why we have made sure the cooler bag comes with a reliable fixture in the bottom of the bag so that it has a sturdy base and doesn't end up crumpling. This will mean that the bag will last longer, and we hope, become a favourite companion of yours long into the future.