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7661 navy camo 32L Rucksack

7661 navy camo 32L Rucksack
32 L Rucksack.

Product Features:
• Military-style rucksack with MOLLE-webbing elements of design is manufactured of durable water-resistant material with PU lamination.
• The interior is made of contrasting orange lining.
• MOLLE-webbing can attach additional pouch or outdoor gear.
• The rucksack has a spacious storage compartment for the daily clothes for short trips.
Inner compartments for 17.3” laptop, documents, accessories and a section for a Tablet up to 10.5".
• Two front zipped pockets for a smartphone, business cards, accessories and a removable detachable key strap.
• Comfortable soft handle, shoulder straps with softened bands and a sternum strap.
• Trolley strap easily attaches the rucksack to any rolling luggage.
• Side pockets for a water bottle.
• Side strap system for compression.
• Hidden pocket on the back of the rucksack for a passport or wallet.
Product Weight: 0.85 kg
External dimensions: 330x500x210 mm
Inner material: Polyester
Material: Polyester , Polyurethane
Laptop pocket size 300x430x45 mm

Military-style rucksack with MOLLE-webbing elements of design

This rucksack and bags across this range have been constructed in a military style with MOLLE-webbing elements of design. Now you might well be wondering what exactly this means. Well, MOLLE-webbing is the heavy-duty stitched nylon used by the military to carry and attach elements to their bags and clothing to aid them on combat missions. You too can attach whatever it is you may need with you on your journey ahead and also look the part with our urban camouflaged material. These elements will not just help create a more functional bag for you but also appeal to the more adventurous type who doesn't like to feel their spirit is dampened by the urban environment.


These days you do not want to be taking any chances at all with your valuables. The electronic devices we use these days contain too much valuable information and are too integral to our lives to be taking any chances with, even if it's that period of a week you have to send it off to a repair store. That is why we have made sure that this range comes with a water-repellent fabric with PU lamination so that come rain or shine your things inside will remain dry and protected. This range of Sherwood bags is designed to be used to handle all weather conditions, keeping you adaptable to whatever the day is ahead.


Sometimes when hopping off a train or plane or when waiting in a queue for something, you need to be able to quickly stash away or grab an item at a moment's notice. You don’t want to be left scrabbling around in the bottom of a bag for something or constantly having to undo and re-zip your main compartment every time you need to get to something. Similarly, you want to know where everything is at all times - your pair of keys being an obvious example. That is why we have included with this rucksack two capacious front zippered pockets and a detachable key strap so that you remain efficient as you travel about and highly organized.


At RIVACASE we know the importance of staying healthy. All our products are focused with the health of the users first and foremost in mind. That is why for instance we ensure that weight is evenly across the shoulders of anyone using our bags. Hydration though is another thing that we know to be vital to a healthy body and mind. It is crucial in helping concentration, muscle repair and joints. That is why we have made sure to include two side pockets that are easy to access for water bottles. Or, even, if you know there's trouble up above you can slot in an umbrella and so you can keep the wrong kind of moisture out instead of in!


This is one of the larger bags in our range offering you easy access to 32 liters of capacity. This large capacity will mean that you can easily store away all your clothes or any other belongings, regardless of what your destination point is, or what might be involved in your journey. The Sherwood range is a range designed for the adventurous and for the intrepid and obviously it is necessary sometimes for those types to carry with them all kinds of gear on their trips to aid them with the tasks ahead. This bag is the perfect fit for those personality types and offers them the versatility they need.


We all know the kind of bag that is almost entirely pointless these days and which has no functionality for your electronic devices. It's the kind of bag that seems to be just one single compartment meaning that your most precious of items will be rattling around all over the place, getting knocked and scratched from your other belongings and whatever else you come into contact with. This bag though fits a 17.3" Laptop and features a pocket for a Tablet up to 10.5 inch and a zippered pocket for personal belongings, so that you can slide your devices away and know that they remain safe at all times of the day.

Compression straps

When on the move you always want to remain as compact as possible. This enables you to remain efficient, quick and safe on your journey ahead. If you remain compact you are able to navigate the world more easily, you will not feel that you are being encumbered by luggage that puts you off balance, and you will not be carrying loose odds and ends that can get snagged and present a danger. To help achieve this we have enabled you to regulate thе capacity of the rucksack with compression straps that help bring the bag down to the optimum size.


There are some items that all of us have to carry with us that we both need to get to quite quickly but also which we need to keep in ultra-secure care. A passport is an obvious example - it's something that we do not want to have a delay in reaching but we cannot risk falling out of our grasp. That is why we have made sure the back of this rucksack comes with a hidden zippered pocket so that you can simply slide your item away, and away from prying eyes, and also know where it is at all times - in an ultra-safe position in your rucksack.


So many bags are designed in a way that doesn't take into account the fundamentals of what it means to carry a bag. Necessarily carrying a bag will reduce airflow to your back's surface, which can lead to a build-up of moisture and chafing. Over time this can make it incredibly uncomfortable to carry your rucksack. This Sherwood bag though has been constructed with a breathable mesh back panel which will help promote air-flow and provide comfort to your back so that even on the longest of journeys with heightened exertion, your bag will remain in comfort and your mind focused on the task at hand.


It's vital when you choose a bag that you choose one that is going to be safe to carry even when you are moving around with considerable weight. We can't all choose the weight we will have to carry for our journey ahead. Some journeys will necessitate a greater weight and it is important to select a bag that is going to manage that increase effectively. Luckily this bag comes with comfortable shoulder straps with softened bands so that even on the longest of journeys you remain safe and your muscles and joints under the least pressure possible with the weight being evenly distributed along your back and shoulders.


One of the key bits of revolutionary technology in recent years in the arena of rucksack construction has been the sternum strap. This chest strap, as found on this bag, connects shoulder straps and reduces the jarring of the backpack, massively aiding balance. This makes a huge difference if hiking on uneven terrain but even when just orientating around a city center, or when on a bike. You can immediately feel the difference when using one. This strap goes further though and slides up and down on the shoulder strap allowing you to choose its most comfortable position. Its length can also be adjusted, meaning that not only is it highly functional but it's also adaptable and easy to use.


Sometimes like when hopping off a train carriage or getting in and out of a car you don’t want to be lifting the bag on and off your shoulders at every interval. Neither do you want your bag always clogging up floor or cupboard space when you get to your destination. That is why we have included a soft carrying handle so that you can simply grab your bag and go at a moment's notice, and another sturdy loop will enable you to hang up your bag and keep it tucked away tidily.


When moving around with a backpack on you want to feel compact and that the bag is properly wrapped around you in a way that it almost feels like it's an extension of your body. The last thing you need is a loose-fitting bag that's swinging around at the bottom of your back. That is why this Sherwood rucksack comes with load lifter straps that help connect the top back panel with the shoulder straps, which helps to keep the top portion of the bag close to the body. It also prevents the higher part of the backpack from fluctuations meaning that you remain compact and secure.


When using a backpack it is absolutely vital to ensure you keep all extra strapping and bands tucked away and not loose and dangling. Failure to do this has led to many accidents when a strap becomes trapped in the door of an elevator or car or when it's snagged on a branch when cycling. This Sherwood rucksack though circumvents this danger with a special band with Velcro on the end which allows you to roll the excessive strap and fix it in place, neatly folded, preventing its dangling.


Sometimes when moving around an airport concourse or along a train carriage or platform you'd much rather take the weight off your shoulders and attach it to a piece of rolling luggage. This can help you manage these kinds of environments much more effectively and lead to a significant reduction of stress. To enable this we have introduced a trolley strap to this Sherwood rucksack so that you can swiftly and efficiently clip the bag in place over the handle and roll around your environment with ease.


There is nothing worse than cheap and poorly designed zippers and pullers. They are bound to let you down at the worst of possible moments and leave you stranded with your gear strewn across the platform right at the moment you are late for your train. To help get around this issue we have specially designed zippers and pullers that come with this bag that not only look good but which are also sturdy enough that you can be robust with them without fear of damaging the integrity of the bag. The dual nature of them will also help aid speed and efficiency of access.