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7631 navy camo 28L Rucksack

7631 navy camo 28L Rucksack
28 L Rucksack.

Product Features:
• Military-style rucksack with MOLLE-webbing elements of design is manufactured of durable water-resistant material with PU lamination.
• The interior is made of contrasting orange lining.
• MOLLE-webbing can attach additional pouch or outdoor gear.
• The rucksack has a spacious storage compartment for the daily clothes for short trips.
Inner compartments for 15.6” laptop, documents, accessories and section for a Tablet up to 10.5".
• Front zippered compartment for a smartphone, business cards and accessories comes with a detachable key strap.
• Comfortable soft handle, shoulder straps with softened bands and a sternum strap.
• Trolley strap easily attaches the rucksack to any rolling luggage.
• Side pockets for a water bottle.
• Side strap system for internal compression.
• Hidden pocket on the back of the rucksack for passport or wallet.
Product Weight: 0.715 kg
External dimensions: 320x480x220 mm
Inner material: Polyester
Material: Polyester , Polyurethane
Laptop pocket size 290x400x40 mm

Military-style rucksack with MOLLE-webbing elements of design

This Sherwood rucksack and others in its range have been created with MOLLE-webbing elements of design. Now you might well ask what that means. Well, MOLLE is the term used for the kind of equipment that military organizations use to enable them to attach extra devices to their clothing and baggage when on combat operations. This bag will give you the same functionality therefore as highly developed military organizations, along with a cool take on its aesthetic with its camouflaged exterior. Because even if you aren't in the army, some days you need to go to war!


These days it is absolutely crucial not to take any chances whatsoever with your most important daily items - your electronic devices. Despite advances in technology they still seem highly susceptible to damage, and noticeably to water damage. That is why we have made sure that this Sherwood range has been constructed out of a water repellent fabric with PU lamination that will help work as a natural barrier to any kind of moisture. So you can continue on your day with the ease and confidence of mind coming from knowing that should you get caught in a shower, your belongings inside your bag won't.


We wanted to create a rucksack that not only looked the part but also acted the part. And nothing will give you more assurance in your day and lead to a greater level of success than helping to make sure that you remain organized. That is why we have created a front zippered pocket that can be easily accessed but also an organization system within it so that everything can remain put away in its rightful place and got to at a moment's notice. So slip away your wallet or passport or whatever it is that you might need for journey or destination and know that you are ready for whatever challenge that lies ahead.


We all know the trial of having to scrabble around at the bottom of a bag looking for that troublesome set of keys. It's the last thing you want to have to do at the start or end of your day and always seems to happen when the weather is most foul. Fortunately, this rucksack offers you the chance to skip this particular annoyance by offering you a smart detachable key strap so that you always know where your key will be at all times of the day. Located inside the front pocket it is easily accessed and so you needn't have to open your bag to the elements every time you want to grab or put it away.


At RIVACASE, we take the health of our customers incredibly seriously. All our products are designed to be used for extended periods and to help promote a healthy living style. One factor that is absolutely crucial to healthy living is to maintain the adequate level of hydration. It's often more than we think it is and is hugely necessary to help maintain concentration and to promote healthy muscles and joints. To help achieve this we have provided two side pockets for this rucksack so that you can slide in a couple of water bottles and get to them easily. Or, if there's inclement weather ahead why not use it for an umbrella to help keep the rain off your head!


This rucksack offers you more than enough capacity for all of your belongings. With easy access provided to up to 28 liters of capacity, it will help store away all of your belongings in a way that is supremely efficient. We wanted to design a rucksack that meant regardless of your destination point you could pack all that you need away to keep you optimally adaptable to the task ahead. The Sherwood range has been created for those kinds of adventuring types for whom every trip and journey might be that little bit different and new and so this rucksack has been designed to help accommodate all those desires.


We all know those kinds of rucksacks that seem supremely unsuited to the modern world. They are the kind that seems to be just one central compartment made from a thin poorly protecting layer of material which ultimately leads to your electronic device rattling around inside your bag, knocking into your other belongings and whatever else in the outside world you come into contact with. This rucksack though will fit a 15.6" laptop and features a pocket for a Tablet up to 10.5" in dimensions. So you can slip your vital devices away in perfect safety. A zippered pocket for personal belongings is also provided.

Compression straps

One of the most important aspects of any backpack is the extent to which it can remain compact. A large bag that overlaps the silhouette of your body will always become a massive hindrance to you on your journey. It will slow you down and make you more susceptible to imbalance in heavy winds, but it also will make crowds far less easy to navigate. That is why we have introduced compression straps with this bag to help regulate the capacity of the rucksack and bring it down to the optimum size. This will lead you to having quicker and more efficient transits.


There are some items that we need to carry around with us that we simply do not want to be taking any chances with at all. Things like a passport or boarding pass, or even a purse or wallet are things that we want to keep in high-security places. The difficulty is finding the balance of somewhere that is secure but also can be got to with some ease. This rucksack offers this with a hidden zippered pocket on the back so that you can get to, for example, your passport and slip it away again with ease, away from prying eyes or the hands of pick-pockets.


It is important when selecting a bag to choose one that has thought through every single element of the carrying experience. Often manufacturers or designers of bags will not attend to the most basic of details that we feel are essential to help you make the most out of your day. One of these elements that we have included with this Sherwood rucksack is the breathable mesh back panel that will help to promote airflow and provide comfort to your back. This will mean that the build-up of moisture is prevented and so too any possible chafing, helping to keep you comfortable and at ease.


There is nothing worse than a bag that has been designed with poorly made shoulder straps that lead to them uncomfortably digging into your shoulders and neck. Not only can this be a massive annoyance but it can also lead to severe health consequences if repeated over a long time with heavy loads. We take your health incredibly seriously here at RIVACASE and that is why we have made sure that this rucksack comes with comfortable shoulder straps with softened bands so that the weight of whatever it is that you are carrying will be evenly distributed and you will remain safe and comfortable.


There are few things that are more revolutionary when using a rucksack than the introduction of a sternum strap. A chest strap connects the shoulder straps and reduces the jarring of the backpack which makes a huge difference to your stability and balance and so can massively increase your speed of travel. The sternum strap on this bag though goes further and can slide up and down on the shoulder strap allowing you to choose its most comfortable position. Its length can also be adjusted, because not only do we want to make your day more efficient but we want you to remain versatile and adaptable on your journey ahead.


Sometimes when hopping off a train carriage or getting in and out of a car, you want to not have to slip the rucksack on and off of your shoulders. Sometimes you simply want to be able to grab it and go and not be delayed. And also you do not want your bag to be taking up much-needed floor space at your office or when at home. That is why this rucksack has been designed with a helpful soft carrying handle so that you can simply get on with your day without stopping, and also with another sturdy loop to hang it up out of the way when not in use.


It is absolutely vital when carrying a rucksack that you make sure that any strapping is wrapped up and tidied away to prevent it from dangling. Too many accidents have occurred when loose straps become trapped in doors of trains or cars, or when they are snagged on branches when traveling on bikes at high speeds. Fortunately, this rucksack helps with this issue and a special band with Velcro on the end of a strap allows you to roll the excessive strap and fix it, neatly in place, and so preventing its dangling. This strap management system is just another way that this Sherwood rucksack will both optimize your functionality but also your safety.


Sometimes when moving around a train platform or when orientating yourself around an airport, you need to have that extra hand free to carry another bag, newspaper or small child. That is where the trolley strap comes in use. Take the weight off your shoulders and simply clip the bag onto the handle of your trolley and enable yourself to move around your environment with ease. This kind of element is what makes the Sherwood rucksack so good at relieving the stress of a journey, leaving you able to focus instead on the task at hand.


It is deeply frustrating to have found that you have selected a bag that has been designed with poorly made zippers and pullers that are cheaply made and so bound to let you down at the most inopportune of moments. This is even less amusing if you are in a rush and half of your belongings are left strewn across the airport concourse! That is why we have created specially designed zippers and pullers for this Sherwood bag which not only look the part but that you can be robust with and depend on to not let you down. It is this kind of durability that we strive for with all our products and is typified by the Sherwood rucksack.