Vagar collection

Inspired and named after the international airport of the Faroe Islands, our Vagar range draws on the spectacular synergy of nature and engineering that this landscape presents. Located deep in the Atlantic Ocean, this collection of state-of-the-art terminals, nestled among the contours of a wild and rugged terrain, is an awesome sight to behold. Subtle shades of light rebound across the towering granite outcrops of these remote islands, illuminating the earthy tones of the dramatic hills and the grey windswept seafront. The airport sits amongst this, like resilience and determination personified, a stalwart in an unforgiving environment.
We designed this range to have that same rugged reliability and sturdy manufactured robustness, in order to be able to handle the wear and tear of everyday life. The collection needed to be as tough as old boots but still able to accommodate the multi-varied reality of the modern professional working schedule; a bag which would withstand the adverse weather condition of a hiking trip across these far-flung islands, and that would also be the perfect companion for the flight over there.
Each item of the Vagar collection has a unique ID code stitched inside. Register it by filling a special form on My RIVACASE® page and get a 5-year extended warranty!

High-quality water-resistant faux leather


Nobody wants to be caught outside when there’s a sudden downpour, still fewer when they’re carrying important items with them. Sometimes though, our commute, and more often a country hike, will involve some level of precipitation. The water-resistant fabric of this bag will ensure that all your important items are kept free from harm, and all this without sacrificing any style, meaning that you will look as good on the hill as you will in the office lobby.

Durable metal zips and pullers

At RIVACASE we ensure our high standards are matched throughout every feature. Both our zip and zip pulls are crafted from durable metal. This ensures smooth access and functionality. This attention to detail is found in all our products but is absolutely key to this range where we wanted to ensure that your bag will be nothing but a reliable companion on your journey. There is no doubt that a bag that is made from cheap ‘throw-away’ materials will always be one whose zips will split and break at the most inopportune and infuriating moment. With this range though, hard-wearing materials have been used to ensure that this doesn’t happen and that you are thinking about your trip rather than your belongings.

Detachable key strap

Located within each bag and backpack from Vagar collection is a clever detachable key strap which will prevent you rummaging through your belongings for hours on end looking for your keys. This item is another feature that will optimise your journey and ensure that you are as time effective as you can be, while keeping all your things sorted and prepped.

The range has a modern feel and the executive appearance of the real leather to ensure that it blends seamlessly into the office environment. Although it is hard to tell, we have ensured that strictly simulated PU leather is used in the production of these bags. Always placing the protection of your precious possessions on top of the agenda, these bags will ensure that no matter the weather or rugged lifestyle of your day to day life, you will always be in a position to press on, fully prepared.