Egmont cables

We have extended the high-end style and sophistication of the Egmont range and combined it with cutting edge technology. The result is this range of specially designed nylon cables crafted from carefully sourced materials to create a stunning end product. These cables, built with Elongated SR (Strain Relief), are in keeping with the texture and tones of the whole range and incorporate a glossy striped pattern in the braiding as well as zinc elements throughout.


Tangled cables are the bane of our lives. Who has time to spend five minutes going through the procedure of untangling them every time you want to plug something in. Not only is it an annoyance when this occurs however, it also leads to a shorter life-time of the cable. To prevent this, we have created this Egmont collection with flat cables so that your time will be saved and your cable undamaged.


When creating this Egmont collection, we wanted to design a product that you could be proud of, that was beautiful and that would last. That is why this cable comes with a braided Nylon jacket. This means that you will be using a product that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also nice to handle, as well as one that has an extended life time by virtue of this same long-lasting material.


As we use our electronic devices more and more, it has become important to ensure that they are as nice to look at as they are useful to use. If you are using items on a daily or hourly basis then you want to make sure you have surrounded yourself with objects that are easy on the eye. That is why this Egmont collection of cables comes with their own Zinc plugs. This means that instead of being dragged down by depressing designs, you will maintain the feel-good factor of knowing that you are looking stylish even when at work.


We all know the danger that we present to our cables. If using them while in bed or simply if we need to get that extra bit of length from plug to device then there is all the danger for extension and damage. In order to combat this, these Egmont cables are designed with elongated strain relief (SR). Not only is this done by incorporating stylish design but this will also lead to an increase in their life time.


We all want to keep our devices safe and free from harm and that is why so many of us use phone cases these days. However, this sometimes presents us with issues when it comes to plugging in with some cables as the connecter doesn’t provide the necessary reach to the port. This Egmont cable comes with a special ledge however that allows you to use this cable with a boxy phone case without fear that it might not reach its dock.


You want to maintain freedom and flexibility wherever possible. To aid you in this we have made sure that these cables are 1.2m in length. This means that you will have more than enough room if for whatever reason there is a considerable distance from plug to device or from your laptop to your phone.


Even though the flat cables of this Egmont collection will prevent tangling you may still want to keep your cable as neat and tidy as possible. That is why we have provided you with a Velcro band so that you can wrap the cable around itself. This feature is especially useful when you are carrying the cable around with you or are wanting to store it somewhere where it will not be getting in the way.


Adaptability and flexibility is something that we seek to maintain across all our products. In this fast-moving world multi-functionality has never been more vital. That is why we have made sure that this cable is compatible with all Micro-USB’s/Type C/ and Lightning devices. This means that whatever the need, your Egmont cable will provide the solution.