Cabin friendly trolley bag by RIVACASE

Travelling by plane has become commonplace for nearly all holidaymakers and business professionals. More and more people are taking short mini-breaks away, and international business meetings with a quick turn-around schedule have become standard. When taking these kinds of trips, it’s never ideal to have to put your bag in the hold. Who has time to wait for the conveyor belt to get up and running? You need to be onto the next stop with the utmost expediency. That’s why we have created this compact trolley bag that is quick and easy to move around and most importantly is cabin luggage approved size for the main airlines, so that no matter the journey, you never miss a beat.
Made with high quality materials - a seamless mixture of aluminum, polyester and iron, this trolley bag is designed to withstand the expected wear and tear of air travel. A cool black fabric gives it a professional and refined look to ensure that when waiting in the airport lounge you never look out of place.
We’ve decided to make this trolley bag water-resistant so that you needn’t be worried whatever the clouds are looking like. But our commitment to protection doesn’t stop there. A fully opening, padded laptop compartment will ensure that your most important items are kept free from harm. And although we can’t assure you that you won’t have to retrieve it for the officials at customs, at least you know where it will always be located, safe and sound.
As we move further and further into the technological age, it is important we don’t lose sight of the basics. Of course, we need space for our electrical devices but this shouldn’t come at the cost of that all-important pair of jeans or suit jacket. As with all things, balance is key and that’s what this trolley bag has in spades. A spacious, zippered compartment will provide all the room you need for your getaway clothes, while a front pocket will keep all your accessories and documents zipped away and secure. Finally, an extra-padded Laptop compartment with a Velcro strap offers maximum protection for your device.
When it comes to selecting a bag to accompany you on your journey it’s key to find one that can navigate the airport with complete ease. This trolley bag’s inline 4 spinner wheels and sturdy 3-section iron tube will ensure the smoothest of journeys. A padded handle is provided for added convenience; all to ensure that your trip away is an effortless success.