RIVACASE 5557 Cooling pad: Powerful and silent

It’s an undeniable truth that we are using our laptops more than we ever have before. On the train, in the coffee shop, at work or on the sofa at home, these little portals into our professional and social lives are always with us.

Yet even the most advanced of computing systems cannot avoid the dreaded over-heating. This dual use 5557 cooling pad for laptops up to 17.3”, designed for usage on both your lap and your desk will ensure that you can continue to work comfortably no matter where you are, no matter how long you’ve been working.


Built-in USB pass-through connection provides expanded connectivity, so you won’t have to dedicate a USB port of your laptop for a cooler. Your work station will be both a pleasant and convenient working environment.

Flexibility is key but we should also aim to make our working environment an aesthetically pleasing as possible. So, we at RIVACASE have made sure that our cooling pad is as elegant as it is ergonomic. Built with the highest quality materials, this pad has an integrated lighting system giving it a cool and yet professional look.

It’s important that conditions we work in are set for optimum efficiency. Life is too fast and time too expensive to be dealing with distractions. You need to be able to complete the task at hand when you want and how you want, without any disturbance. A front anti-skid arm and non-slip feet will hold your laptop and pad firmly in place. Two silent fans will ensure that no irritating noise or excess heat will get in the way of your daily progress.