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8509 black Canvas Crossbody bag

8509 black Canvas Crossbody bag
Crossbody bag
Product Features:

• Manufactured using high-quality faux leather and trendy canvas made of 100% cotton to protect your devices
• Adjustable strap
• Main compartment for an 8" Tablet and a zippered pocket for a wallet with a detachable key strap
• Back zipper pocket for a smartphone
Product Weight: 0.2 kg
External dimensions: 210x260x30 mm
Material: Canvas , Polyurethane
Inner material: Polyester
Laptop pocket size 170x225x25 mm

Slim but capacious

When choosing a crossbody bag it is vital that you opt for one that can offer you both the requisite amount of space for all of your belongings but also, just as crucially, it needs to be as unobtrusive to your journey as possible. The whole point of this kind of bag is that it is one you can take around with you anywhere and feel completely unencumbered when doing so. Luckily this Cardiff bag does just this. The main compartment with a smartphone pocket and an additional internal zippered pocket for your valuables will easily hold an 8" Tablet, books and notepads, and, due to the nature of the design, you will feel completely unburdened from the start of your journey to the end.

Back zippered pocket with Anti-Snag Zip Cover

Sometimes there are certain items that we want to know where they are at all times. Often these are extra valuable possessions like our phones, or they might simply be things like chargers that we want to keep tucked away separate from the main compartment. This crossbody bag offers just this and the added safety of the back zippered pocket being inconspicuously hidden away on the back of the bag. In addition to this, the zip comes with its own anti-snag zip cover so that you can be sure you can rely on this compartment for many years ahead.

Comfortable carrying

There are few things worse than buying a bag only to find that it provides a poor fit when using it. This can often be the case for those on the taller and shorter end of the spectrum, but also just anyone who is in search of the perfect and most comfortable fit. Luckily with this Cardiff bag comes an adjustable strap so that you can easily make your crossbody bag work exactly the way you want for you. The nature of the design will mean that you are more compact as you travel about your day from place to place and so will aid you in navigating busy or hectic journeys more easily.