Collection: Orly

8992 (PU) red Lady's Laptop Bag 14" and MacBook Pro 16

Fits MacBook Pro 16
8992 (PU) red Lady's Laptop Bag 14
14" Lady's Laptop Bag
Product Features:

• Stylish lady's bag for laptops up to 14" or MacBook Pro 16
• The bag is manufactured of high-quality PU leather to protect your laptop from possible damage.
• Laptop compartment with thickened sides and a pocket for a Tablet up to 10.5"
• Inner zipped pocket for a wallet
• The main capacious compartment easily fits all the nesessary accessories .
• Front pocket for a smartphone
• The interior is made of contrasting lining.
• Exceptionally long comfortable handles for carrying the bag in a hand or over the shoulder.
Product Weight: 0.73 kg
External dimensions: 420x310x110 mm
Inner material: Polyester
Material: Polyurethane
Laptop pocket size 365x265x35 mm
8992 (PU) red Lady's Laptop Bag 14" and MacBook Pro 16
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TWO external POCKETS

For many of us, one is simply never enough. We always want that extra pair of shoes or that extra car. We want to be able to go on that extra holiday away and have an extra side of food with our main. For those of us that like to maintain order and structure to our day, we also want the extra possibilities of maintaining full optionality. That is why with this bag we have not one but two external side pockets on both the front and the back of the bag. So should you need to put away that 'extra' item, you can be assured that your Orly bag will have you covered.


When choosing a bag you want to be able to have both things at once. You want to have the level of compactness that will make it easy for you to orientate yourself around whatever environment you might be traveling through - the subway, the airport, or getting in and out of trains and cars. But you also want enough space to give you the optionality and adaptability in your day. That is why this bag has both a sleek design but also a roomy main compartment with an additional pocket for documents and a zippered pocket for valuables, so you have both things at once.

Stylish protection

Just because you need to give something protection, doesn't mean that style should go completely out the window in order to achieve this. There would be nothing worse than having to walk around with a bag that is essentially in bubble-wrap. Style can still be maintained while offering the utmost in protective qualities, as demonstrated by this bag with a specially designed padded laptop pocket for laptops up to 14" in dimension or a MacBook Pro 16. Furthermore, the bag features an additional pocket for a tablet 10.5", for those that just need that extra device.

Elegant metal zipper pulls

It's the small things in life that make all the difference. And when it comes to bags and fashion in general, it is the details that add together to make the whole. We at RIVACASE know this very well and that is why every element of this bag has been carefully constructed to achieve the optimum both in terms of aesthetics, as well as functionality. This Orly bag for instance comes with wonderfully elegant metal zipper pulls which not only exemplify supreme elegance but are also of an incredibly sturdy nature and are something on which you can depend, to not let you down on your day ahead.


Any woman will know the difficulty of carrying a bag that is poorly designed. We all have so much to carry with us on our day that any bag that has clearly been through a rushed design process or has been cheaply made will be sure to end up digging into our arms, shoulders, or neck. We at RIVACASE though, have an assiduous design process that focuses on all elements of the customers' experience. That is why we have been sure to include with this bag exceptionally long stitched handles which will mean that you are comfortable carrying the bag from the beginning of the journey until the end.