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7532 grey/dark blue anti-theft Laptop bag 15.6''

7532 grey/dark blue anti-theft Laptop bag 15.6''
15.6'' Laptop Bag

Product Features:

• Urban bag made of high-quality water-repellent fabric with anti-theft protection elements:
- Slim compact design with minimal number of visible pockets
- Front hidden zippered pocket perfectly conceals your valuables such as mobile phones, ID card, wallet, etc and keep you away from thieves
• Padded laptop compartment, dedicated section for documents and a pocket for a Tablet up to 10.1" and accessories.
• Comfortable padded handles and a removable adjustable strap
Product Weight: 0.515 kg
External dimensions: 420x310x65 mm
Inner material: Polyester
Material: Polyester
Laptop pocket size 400x285x50 mm
7567 grey/dark blue anti-theft Laptop backpack 17.3''
7562 grey/dark blue anti-theft Laptop backpack 15.6''
7532 grey/dark blue anti-theft Laptop bag 15.6''

Anti-theft design

When we were constructing this laptop bag we wanted to make sure that it was as secure as possible. The safety of your items is what has remained absolutely paramount to us from start to finish and is what sets us apart from other brands that focus solely on looks and aesthetics. This bag comes with many anti-theft protection elements, including a slim and compact design with minimal number of visible pockets so that no thieves or pickpockets are presented with anything eye-catching and so that no easy-access is possible for the passer-by.


A day can only be as good as how it's been organized. As the old adage goes, fail to prepare - then prepare to fail. And so when constructing this bag we wanted to make sure that all elements help lead you towards optimizing your day ahead in every possible way. That is why this laptop bag comes with its own organizer panel for pens, documents and a smartphone. So simply stow away your items in the hidden front zippered pocket and know that not only are your items being stored in ultimate security but also that they are right where they should be at all times.


Although some brands seem to forget this, the primary function of any laptop bag is to house your bag safely and securely within an easily transportable bag. Too often this seems to be forgotten amongst other brands that use flimsy materials and designs. This bag however comes with its own padded laptop compartment with soft sides and a strap that securely fixes your laptop in place so that no matter what kind of journey you have ahead, you know that you are keeping your most precious item in ultimate security as you move about your day.


These days many of us have multiple devices. A laptop alone often won't suffice or doesn't offer you the complete versatility or functionality that you may need for your day-to-day work or home-life. So when designing this Prater laptop bag we wanted to make sure we could cater to the individual for whom one is simply not enough. That is why we have provided two mesh pockets so that you can quickly slip away a tablet or two or a phone and know that they too can be safely and securely transported on your daily commute or when traveling further afield.


This Prater laptop bag has carefully struck a balance between the two poles of space and practicality. Too often you come across laptop bags that are so slim they offer you nothing in the way of storage for your other items that you obviously need to carry with you on your day. Similarly, other bags will often be unnecessarily large and leave you with wasted space and be cumbersome to use. However, the slim but capacious design of this bag will offer you the ample space you need for your other belongings while also being of the utmost ease to carry about your day.


Not all people like to carry their bags in the same fashion. And even if you're more often the kind of person who prefers to use the one hand style, you wanted to have the option to sling the bag over your shoulder. When moving around a train station or airport it becomes especially useful to have an extra hand free to pull luggage or carry whatever else you might have with you. That is why this Prater bag comes with its own removable and adjustable shoulder strap so that you have that extra option to slide it on and adjust it to your perfect fit. Because, as with all our products, adaptability and functionality are key.


These days people recognize the value of comfort to optimizing one's day and one's health. Gone are the days when it was considered almost mandatory to carry around a heavy and box-like leather briefcase whose handles were cumbersome and unergonomic. These days we realize that comfortable luggage and bags will in fact help you better achieve your day's goals. That is why this bag comes with soft carrying handles so that you remain in ultimate comfort, without the handles digging into your palms and fingers, and so that you are more able to attack what's really important to you in your day ahead.

high-quality water-repellent fabric

You do not want to be taking any chances with your precious electronic devices. They contain too much vital information and are too intertwined and integral to our everyday lives for them to be at risk. The risk of water damage should be a top priority for anyone looking for a new laptop bag and so that is why we have made sure that this laptop bag comes with its own high-quality water-repellent fabric so that your laptop is being housed in the most secure of environments. This means that should you be unfortunate enough to get caught in a shower, at least you can be safe in the knowledge your electronics won't suffer the undesirable consequences.

dual zipper pulls for quick and easy access

There is nothing worse than weak zipper pulls that provide difficult access to your bag and which delay you in your day. It can be infuriating to use a bag with a single zipper pull that is both hard to find and which is poorly designed and so leads to you constantly having to force the bag either open or closed. Often this can be at the worst possible time and cause delays that you simply can't afford. That is why we have created this bag out of durable plastic pullers and have ensured that you have two of them so that you can quickly and easily access your belongings at a moment's notice, at all times.