Collection: Antishock

5130 black hardshell MacBook Air 15 and Laptop 14" case new

5130 black hardshell MacBook Air 15 and Laptop 14
Laptop hardshell case up to 14-15.3"
Product Features:

• Universal case for MacBook Air 15 and Laptop up to 14" designed to carry and protect your device.
• Manufactured using high-quality water-repellent material.
• This slim bag features sturdy panels, made of shock absorbing EVA material, providing additional protection.
• The bottom of the case is equipped with special pads inside to protect your laptop. Its ribbed design provides good ventilation and reduces heat build-up, when the laptop is in use inside the case.
• Corners of the case are equipped with specialized fixing straps that securely hold the laptop in place.
• Comfortable handles.
• Removable, adjustable shoulder strap.
Product Weight: 0.59 kg
External dimensions: 370x270x40 mm
Material: Polyester , Polyurethane
Inner material: EVA
Laptop pocket size 350x250x25 mm
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high-quality water-repellent material

We all know the danger that water can present to your device. Despite advances in modern technology, it still remains the case that these things remain highly susceptible to water damage, which can lead to major disruption of both your professional and social life. That is why we have been very careful to make sure that this RIVACASE anti-shock case comes with a high-quality water-repellent material that will ensure that any unwanted water or moisture is prevented from damaging your device. So if you are unlucky enough to get caught in a drizzle on the way to work - have no fear!

Ultimate protection

These days you can't be taking any risk with your device. They contain too much information and are too integral to your social and professional life to be leaving any kind of chance to. That is the starting point that we began in our design process. We wanted to make sure that we did everything we could to keep your device in the safest possible conditions from the moment you put it in your case at the start of your journey, till when you finally retrieve it at the end. That is why this slim bag features sturdy panels, made of shock absorbing EVA material, providing additional protection.

Elastic secure system

Anything that can be done to ensure the safe passage of your device from point A to point B has been done. One of the main aspects that some designers of sleeves continue to miss out on, is the provision of something that can hold your device in place within the sleeve. While seemingly irrelevant, this element is actually crucial for ensuring that your device doesn't move around within the case. It also aids in carrying and maneuvering the device. That is why the corners of the case are equipped with specialised fixing straps that securely hold the laptop in place.

Enhanced Ventilation

Anyone who owns a laptop knows that one of the main issues is preventing it from overheating. Thankfully, at RIVACASE, we understand the importance of keeping your laptop cool during prolonged use. The 5130's bottom features specialized protective pads. This innovative design not only provides extra cushioning but also enhances ventilation, reducing heat buildup within the case. This is the kind of design that typifies our approach here at RIVACASE: multi-functionality design that has multiple benefits across a wide range of issues, in order to ensure the best possible experience for you as you go about your day.

Comfortable carrying

There is nothing worse than buying a laptop sleeve or bag, only to find out that due to poor decisions being made during the design process, the bag is uncomfortable to carry, with cheap straps and materials leading to unpleasant journeys. The comfortable soft handles of this bag will help you circumvent such possible discomfort, and a removable, adjustable shoulder strap will mean that, regardless of your body shape, you can simply adjust the strap to where it needs to be. This will help to spread the weight while also freeing up that other hand to carry whatever else you might need with you on your day.