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5265 grey/red 30L Laptop backpack 17.3"

This Mercantour laptop backpack leaves nothing to chance. Everything is designed to make sure that you and your items are compact and secure and you are able to nimbly go about your business. It offers you 30 litres capacity to be accessed quickly with complete ease. This means that you will be more than able to take all of your sports and gym clothes and any other necessaries with you while on your commute, but also if you are out on the hill or in the countryside, you can store all the other bits and pieces that are going to help you get to your destination with complete assurance.
5265 grey/red 30L Laptop backpack 17.3
30L Laptop backpack 17.3"
Product Features:

• Everyday capacious backpack perfectly suitable for daily commute, gym and short trips
• Spacious storage compartment for sportswear and gym shoes
• Separate Laptop compartment with pockets for documents, accessories and a section for a Tablet up to 10.1"
• Front zippered pocket for a smartphone, business cards and accessories comes with a detachable key strap
• Ergonomic/airflow backside with a trolley strap and an anti-theft hidden pocket for your wallet and passport
• Comfortable soft handle, shoulder straps with softened bands and a sternum strap
• Two side zippered pockets and two pockets for bottles of water
• Light reflecting design elements
• Rain cover
• Unique ID code gives a 5-year extended warranty
Product Weight: 0.96 kg
External dimensions: 290x520x265 mm
Material: Nylon
Inner material: Nylon
Volume, liters: 30 l
Laptop pocket size 425x40x285 mm
5235 black/blue 30L Duffel bag
5225 black/blue 20L Laptop backpack 15.6"
5265 black/blue 30L Laptop backpack 17.3"
5215 black/blue Waist bag for mobile devices

Unique ID code stitched inside

Unique ID code
stitched inside

5-year extended warranty

extended warranty



Light reflecting design elements

Light reflecting
design elements

Detachable key strap

key strap


This Mercantour laptop bag leaves nothing to chance. Everything is designed to make sure that you and your items are compact and secure and you are able to nimbly go about your business. One aspect that ensures this is the front zippered pocket that contains within it an organisation system.  Elastic loops are provided to hold your pens in place, a handy smartphone pocket will keep your crucial device in position and ready for easy access and extra space is available for any other small belongings that you may have with you on your travels.


There is nothing worse than having to rummage around, outside your house or where you bike is locked, at the bottom of your bag looking for you keys. This is made especially worse if it is cold and windy and worse still if you are in a bit of a rush. We have enabled you to prevent this kind of scenario by providing a smart detachable key strap that is located inside the front pocket. This means that you will always know where they are when you need them, giving you one less thing to think about.


It’s important when hiking or simply when going about your day to remain hydrated. Yet we at Rivacase know that one doesn’t simply always have the time to stop and get a drink because we are so often on the move these days, or, in the case of many who use our Mercantour range, out and about in the countryside. To manage this issue, this bag has two pockets located on either side. These can be used for whatever you might need for your trip that day - to hold a water bottle or even an umbrella to protect you from a sudden shower.


A feature that typifies the ergonomic nature of this bag and the Mercantour range in general are the two additional side pockets placed on the sides of the backpack. These provide quick access to any much needed essentials but also their much needed security by virtue of you being able to zip them both up tight and secure. This kind of design speaks to our wish to make sure that every aspect of your day out has been carefully thought out and planned for.


This laptop backpack offers a very spacious central compartment. The Mercantour bag offers you 20 litres capacity to be accessed quickly with complete ease. This means that you will be more than able to take all of your sports and gym clothes and any other necessaries with you while on your commute, but also if you are out on the hill or in the countryside, you can store all the other bits and pieces that are going to help you get to your destination with complete assurance.


While this backpack is perfect for those who are more inclined to outdoor activities, it is still very much a laptop backpack. As such it is fitted with a pocket that can hold a laptop up to 15.6 inches in dimensions and features a pocket for a Tablet up to 10.1 inches in dimensions. This means that wherever you are you can remain in touch with your business and flexible in your daily routine or holiday. And because there are certain items that are just too precious to make any allowance for losing, there is, in addition to these pockets, a further a zippered pocket for personal belongings. Here you can store your wallet, phone, or even those prized documents you just simply cant misplace.


Should the inner zippered pocket become full, or just in case you need something that can be more quickly accessed by you or your travelling partner while still maintaining a level of security - there is a hidden zippered pocket located on the back of the laptop bag. This is perfect for putting something like your boarding pass when moving through an airport - or any other item that needs to be easily accessed but also safe and secure.


To ensure that your are kept in ultimate comfort the shoulder straps are designed with softened bands. This will mean that you never have to put up with straps that dig into your shoulders and neck and can continue on with your journey free from any discomfort or hindrance.


There is nothing worse than rucksack that leads to excessive perspiration. We have all probably had to use one at some point and it is undoubtedly quite an unpleasant experience. This laptop backpack gets round this issue by its breathable mesh back panel which allows air flow around your back and so preventing this kind of eventuality. As you can imagine this air flow system comes in extra handy when on a hike or during any physical exertion, and further still when it’s cold and when a cooling sweat can become a more serious issue than simply an unpleasant sensation.  This backpack is built instead to provide ultimate comfort for your back.


For a backpack that you are taking out on a hike or using for anything more than simply walking to the local shops, a sternum strap is absolutely essential. It provides the stability you need to give you balance and comfort on your journey. As backpack technology has moved forward it is clear that this little device is absolutely indispensable.  However we at Rivacase have gone further to improve the standard design. This sternum strap slides up and down on the shoulder strap allowing you to choose its most comfortable position. Its length can also be adjusted. Furthermore this chest strap  connects to the shoulder straps and reduces the jarring of the backpack.


If you’re out in the countryside camping or moving around an airport or train station, or even just on your daily commute, you want to optimise your agility. In order to make this possible for you we have added a carrying handle on top of the bag so that you can quickly grab it and go. A further sturdy loop is also provided so that you can hang it up somewhere out of the way once you are done with it.


Because you want to feel compact and uninterrupted in your journey, we have created a strap management system that includes a special band with Velcro on the end of a strap, allowing you to roll the excessive strapping and fix it in place. This will prevent any dangling elements that could get in the way or become snagged. As a result you will end up with all of your straps neatly folded and in position and, you yourself, ready to crack on with your trip.


To create even more stability this back pack includes load lifter straps. These straps connect the top back panel with the shoulder straps which helps to keep the top portion of the bag close to the body.  It also prevents the higher part of the backpack from fluctuations. These are controlled by a sturdy and robust buckle. All this will ensure that you can move, even at speed, with complete control.


When moving around a station or airport it is sometimes useful to be able to slide your bag on top of your trolley and free up an extra hand. In order to help you do this we have provided a trolley strap so that your backpack stays in position and you can manoeuvre all your luggage with ease.


With all your electronic devices and extra clothing and belongings inside, it is important that you are prepared for the elements. There is nothing worse than finding yourself in a rainstorm and worrying about whether your items will survive even when they are stowed away in a bag. To circumvent this issue the outer layer of this Mercantour backpack is made with water-resistant fabric. As a result you can rest safe in the knowledge that your goods are stowed away safely come rain or snow.


An added feature of this backpack are the light-reflective design elements placed on the front and also on the shoulder straps which enables better visibility at night. These elements, together with the logo, will make you better visible to cars and transport when cycling on the roads. This kind of technology can make a big difference to your level of safety when making your journey.


In this Mercantour range the zipper pulls on this bag have been specially designed for those partaking in outdoor pursuits. The zippers are sturdy and robust and elongated bungee-cord-like pulls will come in especial help when you find yourself in the cold or with gloves on and need to quickly access a particular item.


To give yourself the added assurance that your belongings are free from harm, we have provided a rain cover with a light reflecting logo. This will mean that should you need to leave the bag outside when for instance setting up a tent or moving between vehicles, your items will be wrapped up in complete safety and free from water damage. And because you might be doing all of this in the dark - our logo will ensure that you always know where your Mercantour bag can be found.