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8435 black Coated ECO Laptop Backpack 15.6” new

Manufactured using ECO-FRIENDLY RPET polyester made from multiple used plastic bottles that may have ended up as landfill or in the oceans. The equivalent of 12 × 500ml plastic bottles is used in the production of each backpack.
water_resistant ECO
8435 black Coated ECO Laptop Backpack 15.6”
15.6'' Laptop Backpack
Product Features:

• Versatile backpack for professionals going on a business trip or travelling around the world.
• Manufactured using ECO-FRIENDLY RPET polyester made from multiple used plastic bottles that ordinarily end up in a landfill or the ocean. The equivalent of 12 × 500ml plastic bottles is used in the production of each backpack.
• High-quality water-resistant coated polyester keeps your laptop safe from the rain, snow, sleet, and other inclement weather.
• Laptop compartment with padded sides is additionally protected inside with a padded insert on the bottom.
• Dual zipper pulls for quick and easy access.
• Front zipped pocket features an organizer panel for a smartphone, business cards and accessories.
• A comfortable soft handle and shoulder straps with softened bands will make you feel comfortable even during the longest journey.
• Two special side pockets for bottles of water.
• Trolley strap easily attaches the backpack to any rolling luggage.
• Hidden zippered pocket on the back of the backpack for a passport or wallet.
• Strap management system prevents excess strap material from dangling.
Product Weight: 0.75 kg
External dimensions: 290x445x190 mm
Material: RPET Laminated polyester
Inner material: Polyester
Laptop pocket size 265x395x40 mm
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High-quality water-resistant ECO-FRIENDLY coated RPET polyester

We at RIVACASE believe in making products that not only make your life easier, but make life easier for the planet too. That is why we have manufactured this backpack using ECO-FRIENDLY RPET polyester made from multiple used plastic bottles to prevent yet more plastic waste ending up in our oceans. The equivalent of 12 × 500ml plastic bottles are used in the production of each backpack, meaning that you can go about your day in the knowledge that not only are you carrying a functional and fashionable piece, but you are doing right by the planet as well.

Compact but capacious

When selecting a backpack, you need to make sure that it is roomy enough to give you the versatility you need on your day. You do not want to be caught out without that crucial bit of gear that you left at home because you thought you couldn't fit it in. But at the same time you want to be maintaining a compact and tidy silhouette as you navigate around so that you are moving through your day with ease. Fortunately, this backpack helps you do just that with its capacious main compartment, which is nonetheless not so large as to make the backpack cumbersome.

Two front zippered pockets

Sometimes in life you need not one, but two. Never is this more the case then when choosing a functional and versatile backpack that is going to actively help improve your day rather than being at the nexus of your stress and issues. That is why we have made sure we have provided not one but two front zippered pockets so that you can carefully organize all of your different items into their own respective slots and places, and so that you know exactly where they are at all times of the day. The zips will further ensure that nothing is left to bad fortune and that everything remains safe and secure.

Padded laptop pocket

This padded laptop pocket is exactly what every frequent traveler needs. We all know that need sometimes that we all have to place your backpack down when on a carriage or on a plane or simply the necessity of having to put it down after a long journey. This can present a worry given the delicate nature of many of our belongings these days. Take away some of the concern of damaging the more important of your items like laptops and tablets with this specially designed padding, which will ensure that your backpack is cushioned no matter the surface it is left on.


Keeping hydrated is absolutely vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It keeps your muscles and joints in check and helps brain function, among a host of other things. That is why we have provided a nifty little side pocket so that you can carry around that crucial bottle of water with you. But water can also be a hindrance when it is the kind that doesn't come from a bottle and instead from overhead! That is why we have also included an extra side pocket so that you can slide your trusty umbrella in there and so prevent any bad hair days when travelling.


There is nothing worse than purchasing a backpack only to find out that because it has been so poorly designed and constructed, and because so many corners have been cut, that it is entirely uncomfortable to carry and so ultimately a complete waste of time. Carrying heavier weights with poorly made backpacks can present severe health risks if done for prolonged periods of time, and so that is why we have made sure that this backpack comes with comfortable shoulder straps with softened bands so that no matter the weight you are carrying, you know you are doing so safely.


It is important to remember that when entering a workspace, you are presenting an image of yourself. Therefore, having straps that are untidily left swinging about the place will reflect poorly on you. Not only this however, but they can also present real risks to danger as they can easily become snagged in doors of trains, and elevators, or on many other things when travelling at speed on a bike. That is why we have introduced a strap management system with this backpack so that you can be as safe and tidy as possible as you go about your day.


We all know the problem of travelling around airports and train stations with multiple pieces of luggage. Sometimes we need an extra pair of hands free, or sometimes we need to consolidate all our luggage in one place in order to navigate more easily around our environment. This is where the trolley strap comes in. Simply slide your backpack over a handle or whatever else and take the load off your back. This strap also comes with a hidden pocket inside, however, so you can discreetly slip away important items like a passport or wallet that you might need to get to at a moment's notice.