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7567 grey/dark blue anti-theft Laptop backpack 17.3''

This urban backpack is one of the largest in the Prater range at 17.3" in dimension, and not only is it made of high-quality water-repellent fabric but it comes with a plethora of anti-theft protection elements. Its slim compact design with a minimal number of visible pockets, along with its front hidden zippered pocket, means that it perfectly conceals your valuables.
7567 grey/dark blue anti-theft Laptop backpack 17.3''
17.3'' Laptop Backpack

Product Features:
• Urban backpack made of high-quality water-repellent fabric with anti-theft protection elements:
- Slim compact design with minimal number of visible pockets
- Front hidden zippered pocket with an organizer panel perfectly conceals your valuables such as mobile phones, ID card, wallet, etc and keep you away from thieves
- Main hidden zippered compartment conceals your gadgets
• Spacious zippered compartment with a zippered pocket for documents features two pockets for a powerbank and an umbrella
• Plug your portable rechargeable battery into a USB port on the side of the backpack to charge your devices while on the go.
• A comfortable soft handle and shoulder straps with softened bands will make you feel comfortable even during the longest journey.
• 2 side-pockets for a bottle of water or an umbrella
• Strap management system prevents excess strap material from dangling
Product Weight: 0.78 kg
External dimensions: 305x480x150 mm
Inner material: Polyester
Material: Polyester
Laptop pocket size 290x450x40 mm
7532 grey/dark blue anti-theft Laptop bag 15.6''
7567 grey/dark blue anti-theft Laptop backpack 17.3''
7562 grey/dark blue anti-theft Laptop backpack 15.6''

Anti-theft design

Ensuring that your belongings are kept in the highest possible security is an absolute priority of ours here at RIVACASE. These days your electronic belongings are just too vital to be taking any chances with. That is why this Prater backpack comes with its own anti-theft protection elements that will ensure your items are housed in the safest possible way. A slim and compact design with a minimal number of visible pockets helps to deter thieves, while a main hidden zippered compartment will easily hide all your gadgets. Lastly, the front hidden zippered pocket with an organizer panel perfectly conceals your valuables such as mobile phones, ID card, wallet, etc so that you remain both secure and prepared for the day ahead.


When going about your day it is absolutely crucial to make sure that you are fully organized at all times. As the saying goes, fail to prepare - prepare to fail. Nevermore is this more important than in relation to the bag you carry. A bag with no features to help you optimize the organization of your items will ultimately lead to you scrabbling around in the dark at some point while trying to find that troublesome pair of keys or pen. This Prater backpack though features an organizer panel for pens, documents and a smartphone so you can always remain prepared at all times of the day and no matter what challenge lies ahead.

Two side pockets

Remaining fully hydrated is entirely vital for the maximization of your day and your long time health. Research shows that failure to do so can have long term health consequences for your skin and joints as well as causing you to be fatigued and weakening your immune system. That is why we have designed this Prater backpack with two side pockets so that you keep a water bottle with you at all times. And, in case you ever need to keep the water out instead of in, these side pockets easily double as a spot to put your umbrella away if you ever get caught out in a shower.


It is crucial when choosing a backpack that you ensure it offers you the requisite space for belongings. Too often bags are designed in such a way that they simply don't give you the room you need - a pretty fundamental flaw we think! That is why this Prater range strikes the perfect balance between size and practicality. It comes with all the technical elements you need to help you travel with ease but is also capacious enough to take all of your luggage, and not leave you spending ages trying to squeeze that extra sweater in past the zips.


There are some items that you always need to take extra good care of. A wallet or a passport isn't the kind of item you want to be slipping into an external pocket or pouch. That is why this Prater backpack has been specially designed with an internal zippered pocket located within the main compartment to store your most precious valuables. Knowing that these items are being stored in ultimate security will give you the peace of mind you need to attack your day and make the most of it, free from the stress of worrying about your belongings.

Two inner side pockets

A backpack that is built to optimize your day is a bag that helps you organize all your items in an efficient and careful manner. The last thing you want is a bag that means that all your things are rattling around, leading to you scrabbling around the bottom of it looking for a pair of keys or charger. That is why within the main compartment, there are specially designed side pockets for water bottles, a powerbank or whatever else you might need. So no matter what you need, at any point in the day, you can quickly retrieve it and store it away carefully at a moment's notice.


On a list of the most important elements for a backpack, perhaps the top of the list is what it offers in terms of taking care of your primary device - your laptop. A top backpack simply has to have some kind of design element that ensures that your precious device is being kept in ultimate care. This Prater backpack comes with its own hidden vertical load zippered compartment with soft sides to secure your laptop in place and also to prevent the rest of your items from constantly coming into contact with its surface. This kind of security is crucial for those who take seriously the need to protect their most valuable belongings at all times.


There is no doubt that cheap backpacks that are poorly made can create huge problems for your back and neck, especially when carrying heavier weights. However, the effect of this may not merely lead to serve discomfort during long journeys but can also have profound consequences for your long-term health. Ensuring that weight is evenly distributed across your shoulders has been a key part of the design process of this Prater backpack and comfortable shoulder straps with softened bands mean that even on the longest of journeys you will remain in comfort and be able to think about your next appointment instead of the luggage you're carrying.


Sometimes you simply don't have time to slip your backpack on and off your shoulders every time you need to get about the place. When moving along an airplane or when darting in and out of a train carriage sometimes you need to simply grab your things and go without a moment's delay. That is why we have made sure that this backpack comes with its own soft carrying handle so that no matter what you're taking around with you you can simply pick it up and go, saving you time and stress during your busy day.


We want to create products that help you move around on your day as efficiently and easily as possible. With that in mind, when designing this Prater backpack, we wanted to make sure that it was created to make you as compact as possible. Often bags are designed in a way that leaves excess straps and flaps dangling which can not only be an annoyance but can be incredibly dangerous when they can become snagged on a tree or caught in the closing door of an elevator or train. However, with this bag, the special band with Velcro at the end of a strap allows you to roll the excessive strap and fix it neatly folded in place, preventing its dangling and keeping you safe in your day.

USB-port with built-in cable

These days we need to remain online at all times of the day. Failing to be available because of a lack of charge for your device can potentially lead to severe consequences as well as being a general hindrance. Gone are the days of heavy briefcases designed for carrying paper. Instead, this is a bag that is built for the 2020s and beyond and comes with its very own USB port with a built-in cable so that you can remain plugged in at all times and ready for whatever the day might throw at you.

high-quality water-repellent fabric

These days you really do not want to be taking any chances at all with your electronic devices. They are too precious and too key to our day-to-day lives for us to be risking their well-being. Never is this more so the case than with the danger that moisture presents, which can really prove a nuisance to their electronic components. That is why we have made this Prater range out of a high-quality water-repellent fabric so that even if you are unfortunate to get caught out in the occasional shower, you won't be unfortunate enough to have your things damaged too.