Collection: Mestalla

5561 gold 24L Lite urban backpack

5561 gold 24L Lite urban backpack
24L Ultralight urban backpack

Product Features:

• 24L Ultralight colorful urban backpack
• Multiuse backpack for your daily commute
• Manufactured using high-quality water-repellent material
• Spacious storage compartment for a change of clothes when moving to and from the gym, on your daily commute or taking a short trip
• Separate inner compartment for a 15.6” laptop (we recommend to use a laptop sleeve for additional protection)
• Dual zipper pulls for quick and easy access
• Front zippered pocket for a smartphone, portable batterie, cables and other accessories
• Comfortable shoulder straps with softened bands will make you feel comfortable even on the longest journey
• The backpack has 2 side-pockets for a bottle of water or an umbrella
• Strap management system prevents excess strap material from dangling
Product Weight: 0.35 kg
External dimensions: 300x450x180 mm
Material: Polyester
Inner material: Polyester
Volume, liters: 24 l
Laptop pocket size 260x430x35 mm
5511 light blue Waist bag for mobile devices
5560 aquamarine/cobalt blue 20L Laptop backpack 15.6"
5561 gold 24L Lite urban backpack
5532 blue Lite urban laptop bag 16''
5512 blue Waist bag for mobile devices
5562 blue 24L Lite urban backpack

CAPACIOUS FRONT ZIPPERED POCKET protected with a zipper cover

When out and about in our daily lives we want to keep on the move and unhindered in our journey. That is why this Mestalla laptop backpack comes with its own spacious front zippered pocket. There is no need to unfasten the main compartment every time you need to retrieve something but instead simply access this front compartment and continue on with your day. This is just one of the many ways in which we have designed this backpack and others to optimise the efficiency of your day.

Side Loop

For those of us who like to be extra prepared in our journey, we may want to take along a torch or a bottle of water or umbrella. But because of the nature of these items, it’s often best to have these ready-to-hand at a moments notice rather than packed away inside your bag. To help fix this issue we have provided a helpful side loop on this Mestalla backpack so that you can quickly reach round and grab whatever it is you’ve attached to the backpack and start to perform the task at hand.

Two side pockets

We at Rivacase know the importance of healthy living. We design all our products with this in mind so that you can thrive in your daily lives while using our products. One aspect of a healthy lifestyle that we all should adopt is maintaining the right level of hydration. Keeping hydrated is good for the joints, helps maintain temperature and brain function. That is why we have provided not one but two side pockets for water-bottles, or, if you prefer, an umbrella, to keep the wrong water off!

Sturdy handle for carrying

Sometimes when moving around an airport or train station, or shifting bags around a car, or simply when carrying around an office, we don’t want to be putting the bag on and taking it off our shoulders every time we need to transport it. That is why we have designed this backpack with a sturdy handle to help you swiftly get the backpack to where it needs to be. The robust design of his handle is reflective of the whole Mestalla range in the way that, like the best sports equipment, it has been built to last.


One of the greatest pluses of this backpack is the hugely generous central compartment. This is not one of those backpacks which feels like it is full up after you’ve put a single pair of jeans in it. There is more than enough room for your belongings which makes this the perfect backpack for using when moving to and from the gym, on your daily commute, when taking a mini-break away, or even when out and about at a festival.


These days our electronic items are of ever-increasing important in our lives. Never is this more true than in the case of our laptops which have become the portals to the whole of our professional and social lives. And even though this backpack typifies the style of the sports-casual look, we wanted to make sure that it was still designed for those that need their computer with them at all times. That is why we have created this backpack with its own dedicated laptop pocket so that you can both put it away and retrieve it with ultimate ease, while also remaining safe in the knowledge that it is not being unnecessarily shoved around when within the backpack itself.

Comfortable padded BACK

We all at times need to put awkward items like hard-edged books into our bags as we go about our day. The obvious issue this sometimes presents is that these issues can start digging through a bag’s fabric and so create a real discomfort. Luckily this Mestalla backpack though comes with its own padded back so that you are never left feeling sore when on your journey.

Dual zipper pulls for quick and easy access

Perfecting ergonomics is always at the forefront of our minds when designing our bags. And although the Mestalla collection remains a line that epitomises the best of sports-casual style, it is also a fundamentally a functional collection. That is why we have provided this laptop backpack with dual zipper pulls so that you can rapidly get to whatever you need without wasting time searching for a way to open it. This becomes especially useful also when you may have overpacked just slightly too much and need that extra pull to swiftly close the backpack so that you can crack on with your day.

STURDY BUCKLEs on the shoulder straps

Every aspect of the Mestalla collection is designed to be robust and dependable. We wanted to create everything with these  factors in mind so that you can go about your day trusting in our products and thinking less about them than you are about your busy working schedule or your fun trip away. All features on our bags have been made to last so that your Mestalla laptop bag will not simply become another throw-away item. One example of this are the sturdy buckles on the shoulder straps that are just another aspect that you can depend on to help you in your day.


It is so important when choosing a bag that you recognise the danger of badly designed backpacks. Bags that come with ill-made shoulder straps can not only be a pain to your neck when they start to dig in but can also present real health concerns. Fortunately this Mestalla bag will offer you a balanced distribution of weight across its comfortable shoulder straps that have been created with especially softened bands to ensure that you are feeling as good at the start of your journey as you are at the end.


One of the greatest dangers to our items is the obvious threat presented by rain or water damage. Given that we now all of us are never without our vital electronic items we need to remain vigilant so that they remain free from harm. In order to aid you in this we have designed this Mestalla bag with water-repellent fabric so that you head out of the house safe in the knowledge that if you do get caught in a shower, or need to rest your bag down on the ground, that your belongings are safe and secure.


Anyone who has a sporting or hiking background will know how important it is to keep your straps or cords fixed in place and secure. This is not only because they can become an irritant when they get in the way or become trapped in zips but also they can present a real health hazard when they they can become snagged in things when moving at speed. In order to circumvent this issue we have created a strap management system so that you can fasten your straps away and tie them down with the velcro provided. This will mean that you can carry on with your journey and feel safe and compact.