Light and bright - the new Erebus collection by RIVACASE

One of the primary features of the RIVACASE brand is its dedication to product evolution. This venture involves constantly seeking the best materials and components, as well as enhanced technical and design solutions through careful analysis of modern consumer needs. The end result is that designers create a product that embodies function, style, and durability to the extent that it maintains relevance for a long period of time.
The newest collection of backpacks and waist bags in the Erebus line is the epitome of what this devotion can produce. Bright, stylish, and expertly calculated to the smallest detail, this design will assuredly exceed even the loftiest expectations of its consumers.
Erebus is a line of lightweight urban backpacks and waist bags that combine all the best features of our previous collections. During creation, designers used a durable, water-repellent fabric that guarantees that any contents are safe from moisture. In addition, each product is equipped with reliable high-quality zippers and durable pullers that ensure access inside the bags is simple and convenient.
This incredible collection includes roomy waist bags and urban backpacks crafted with functionality in mind. Each model is available in three discreet base colors, highlighted with bright, exceptional yellow print. These products are dressed to impress, drawing attention to owners of the Erebus collection while improving the quality of life for frequent travelers, as the eye-catching design allows the owner to quickly locate their bag or backpack among those within an airplane or train’s luggage compartment, or from among the often-drab options drifting along a luggage belt.
Waist bag models are intended for the storage of all of your essentials and are equipped with a conveniently adjustable belt to adapt to people of different heights and builds. There’s also a secret compartment located on the back to conceal documents or credit cards.
The urban backpack selections accommodate volumes of up to 14, 20, and even 30 liters and contain specially designed pockets for 13.3” and 15.6” laptops. The inner surface of the backpack is color-coded with contrasting fabrics to help quickly locate a sought item. The front pockets contain an organizer panel for storing writing supplies or other accessories, as well as a detachable key strap. Similar to the bag model, a hidden compartment on the back of the product allows storage of sensitive possessions, and the backpack’s sides feature additional pockets perfect for water bottles or even an umbrella. Erebus backpacks have a specially-designed strap management system for fastening and fixing straps into place, which has become another trademark of the RIVACASE brand.
Altogether, these many characteristics make the Erebus series the ultimate choice for comfort and functionality.