AVIVA collection - durable and reliable backpacks for everyday use

RIVACASE, as a brand, possesses the gift of restraint. Our accessories are the embodiment of concise style. They are the perfect complement to an image, fitting in harmoniously without distracting from the owner’s features.
It’s this very conciseness that goes hand in hand with the standard requirements for digital accessories – reliability and functionality. The three features combined within the brand’s products are also found in our new collection of lightweight urban backpacks: AVIVA. Named for Ireland’s premier stadium, this lineup features restraint while providing maximum functionality in the European way.
The AVIVA series contains four universal color options - red, black, gray, and beige. As a result, there’s an option for everyone’s tastes based on their individual image and chosen color palette.
Made of durable, lightweight, water-repellent fabric, the backpack keeps its contents dry and unharmed, even if bad weather suddenly catches you on the street.
Another signature feature of AVIVA backpacks is their contrasting inner lining. It not only adds stylishness to the products but is also convenient because it’s easy to find the item you need against its background.
One constructive solution that has already become a major aspect of the company’s corporate identity is the detachable key strap. It allows AVIVA backpacks to eliminate the problem with locating keys or losing them forever providing a special strap in a separate pocket of the backpack in which you can easily fasten your keys and hang them back. It’s such a small thing, but saves a huge amount of time and enhances everyday life by providing additional comfort and security.
The presence of an organizer panel in the front pocket of the product is perfect for necessary trifles such as pens, flash drives, cables, and plastic cards. They will be easily accessible and will never be lost.
During the creation of all RIVACASE products, we pay special attention to the material quality and the accessories used. Branded double pullers that gently and smoothly slide on the zipper, make accessing backpack contents both quick and easy. Dealing with “stuck” or dispersed lining are problems that owners of RIVACASE brand backpacks do not face.
The AVIVA series of compact urban backpacks are already available in two basic sizes: One which holds a volume of up to 6 liters and fits a tablet up to 10.5” and a larger model that holds 16 liters and fits laptops up to 14”.