Fashionable Cardiff collection

This Cardiff range straddles a perfect balance between professional and cozy. It is a sophisticated collection that offers clean-cut items; it is a new series of lightweight backpacks and bags with a specific focus on optimizing the lifestyles of those that operate in the business-related arena.
The collection is a combination of two elements and two textures; two materials - the "warm" canvas and the "professional" PU leather carry the aesthetics of the modern city dweller. They have the look of bags designed for those living in new metropolitan areas, and combine all the benefits of the natural and artificial worlds, connecting the two spheres in perfect symbiosis to create a perfect product.
Manufactured using high-quality faux leather and a very much 'a la mode' canvas made of 100% cotton, this Cardiff range provides you with an item that you can wear both on your daily commute, in the board meeting and at the drinks after work. Its stylish and sleek exterior offers you the clean cut and professional look that will make you fit in and project a sense of quiet authority no matter what your environment is. Built not only to have this aesthetic but also fundamentally to protect your devices - this cotton canvas material is both durable and hard-wearing and will ensure that anything you place within remains safe and secure.
Cardiff backpacks offer you the ultimate in a slim compact design to create a bag that is the perfect option for those who want to navigate the world and their journey ahead with uninterrupted ease. The compact nature of the design in no way compromises on space and the roomy main compartment will offer you more than enough space for your device and other belongings.
Cardiff black canvas Crossbody bags are the perfect solution for those that need to often take limited baggage with them for lengthy and consistent journeys. An adjustable strap means that you can easily make the bag fit you just right and so that you are comfortable from the beginning of the journey till the end. The main compartment is designed for an 8" and 11" Tablets and a zippered pocket for a wallet with a detachable key strap is also provided. Finally, a back zipper pocket for a smartphone is provided as well.