Trendy crossbody bags

Created using high-quality faux leather and trendy melange fabric made of durable polyester, these black melange crossbody bags have been specially constructed to lend protection to your devices. Because we know that, more than anything else, these things must be kept safe and secure.


Slim but capacious

When designing a crossbody bag, most brands fail to tread the careful line between roominess - ensuring that you have enough space to carry everything you need with you on your day, and compactness, so that you can easily orientate yourself around any space that you are moving through.

These Lantau bags though straddle the balance with perfection and offer you a very roomy main compartment, that also comes with a zippered pocket for your wallet, to keep you as neatly organized as your compact silhouette.

The 8810 bag fits tablets up to 8" in dimension while the 8811 crossbody bag comes with a dedicated padded pocket for an 11" tablet.


Comfortable carrying

No two people are the same. We all have our own wants, needs and preferences. And this is never more true than with regard to our body shapes which come in all different kinds of sizes. Because of this, any kind of bag that comes with a restricted or fixed strapping is one that has the potential to be a disappointment. This Lantau crossbody bag though has been designed with adaptability foremost in mind in the design process and comes with its own adjustable strap so that you can simply adjust the bag to the right fit and move around your day in perfect comfort.