The first 17.3-inch Laptop sleeve by RIVACASE

Regularly, when you are going out of town for a trip, you need to stay in touch with your colleagues, partners, and friends through the benefit of a laptop. However, if you are already carrying a large number of bags and suitcases, having an option to transport your laptop with nominal fuss can be invaluable. A laptop sleeve can provide a place of security and safety for your device without adding to the hubbub of travel accessories you must manage.


While taking up minimal space, one of these easily portable sleeves can protect your laptop from scratches, dust, and bumps. Simply hide your laptop within, then place it inside a backpack or suitcase that you already have along for the ride. In a snap, you can have your mobile computer out to continue working on the current task.

Laptop sleeves are a highly popular means of mobile digital device protection. They can be made of different materials and have different configurations and sizes. This is why RIVACASE has expanded one of its most versatile and elegant Suzuka collection to include a 17.3-inch practical black RIVACASE 7707 protective sleeve. To date, this is the largest case -- a novelty that full-size laptop owners will assuredly appreciate.

Like the rest of this product line, the RIVACASE 7707 model is made of only the highest quality materials. With a durable polyester outer layer merged with a soft fleece inner lining to form a delightful tandem, your laptop will enjoy elite protection from external damage.

Modern materials have first-class shock-absorbing properties and have the added benefit of being light, which means that the cover will not add extra weight to your luggage while fulfilling its purpose. Even if you prefer to travel light and only take necessities along on your trips, the sleeve is still a welcome addition due to its compact nature and negligible weight.

The Suzuka series sleeves will shield your laptop from physical threats but also from moisture due to their fabric’s water-repellent polyurethane impregnation. Even if a water bottle, liquid cosmetic, or medicine spill occurs within your backpack, this RIVACASE product will reliably protect your device from moisture ingress.

The entire product line comes equipped with branded double pullers bearing the company logo. They slide smoothly over the zipper, providing easy and comfortable access to the contents within.

The RIVACASE 7707 model is universal and compatible with most popular laptop models from manufacturers such as HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Xiaomi, and more!