Modern and Reliable RIVAPOWER VA4911 & VA4912 Wireless Chargers

The epitome of the modern world is “wireless”. More and more information is transmitted through the internet and satellites. Communication takes place through a wide variety of electronic means (mobile phones, computers, laptops, social media, etc), all of which make use of wireless networks using Wi-Fi. Even the transmission of energy can be done without involving wires.

Back in 2008, the Wireless Power Consortium developed the unified standard for Qi wireless charging technology currently used by most smartphones, including Samsung, Google Nexus (Asus, LG), Sony, and Apple.


The Principle of Operation

To be able to charge from a wireless charger, smartphones must have built-in receivers. The charger's transmitter coil generates a magnetic field and the components inside the phone convert that energy into electricity, which is used to replenish your battery.

As this technology eliminates a lot of wires while being both easy to manufacture and universally useable, it is unsurprising that all major IT companies are already developing mobile devices according to the Qi standard.


New Models of Wireless Chargers from RIVACASE

RIVACASE has recently released the black RIVAPOWER VA4911 BD1 and the white RIVAPOWER VA4912 WD1: new universal models of wireless chargers throughout markets in Europe and Asia which feature several advantages.

Producing output power of 10 watts, these models charge your devices at high speed while maintaining compatibility with all mobile units that support the Qi wireless charging standard.


Simple and Fast

Just put your smartphone on the RIVACASE wireless charger and charging begins automatically. Both models feature a “fast” wireless charging mode, which requires a special data cable included with the device and a charger with fast-charging technology support (i.e. RIVACASE 4192 or a similar version).


Light Indicators for All Operating Modes

For your convenience, the RIVAPOWER VA4911 BD1 and RIVAPOWER VA4912 WD1 models possess an LED indicator in the form of a thin neon strip alongside the device edge. While connected to the network, the indicator turns green, and blue informs you that the smartphone is correctly placed on the surface of the charger. Thus, control of your charging process is simple and convenient.


Compact Dimensions

Despite impressive power and charging speed, wireless chargers from RIVACASE are compact. The diameter of the device is merely 10cm, sufficient to accommodate any smartphone model, but taking up little in the way of storage space, especially considering that it replaces a bundle of cables since it is sufficient for all mobile phones. Imagine how this device can simplify the organization of your workspace!