Renewed Suzuka collection by RIVACASE

The Suzuka collection is made for the kind of person who’s ahead of time and wants to keep it that way. If you prize efficiency and you need something that can be used day in, day out then this is the perfect solution.
It’s crucial in life to feel secure and prepared for every eventuality that might be thrown our way. All Suzuka bags and backpacks have been designed with the utmost durability in mind, attention to style has certainly not been forgotten. Made with powerful water-resistant material, they offer premium security for your precious essentials and electronics, regardless of the weather. Light reflective technology has been used to create a bag that will keep you looking great during the day and ultra-visible at night.
Any efficient traveler or business professional knows that having several pockets is an absolute must. The Suzuka collection is designed to make life a little simpler. Compact and streamlined, these bags and backpacks are perfect travel companions with multiple compartments, hidden Velcro pockets, front zippered pockets with a panel and key carabiner inside to keep you organized and prepared throughout the workday. Each one includes a padded pouch for a laptop measuring from 13.3 up to 17.3 inches, a pocket for a 10 inch Tablet, and spacious insides with plenty of room for your work necessities.
We at RIVACASE simply won’t permit discomfort when using our products. Life’s too short to be carrying around aches and pains from ill-fitting bags. As a result, we’ve created soft sides, handles, shoulder straps and bands that mean that you will remain free from soreness no matter how long you’re travelling for.