RIVACASE cooler bags – leakproof, dirt-resistant and water repellent!

Whether you're hitting the beach for the day or planning a picnic in the park, it's important to keep whatever foods and beverages you bring cool.

RIVACASE cooler bags are a great option, designed to keep your picnic goodies perfectly chilled and protected while out and about. Lightweight and comfortable to carry with dual padded carry handles or an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap, they are easy to tote around and fold nicely into your backpack or beach bag when empty.
These stylish Torngat cooler bags come in different sizes to fit the exact amount of 500ml cans or 2L PET bottles you might need.
The bags’ light outer surfaces reduce heating when they are under the sun keeping your goods cool at all times. A dirt resistant and water repellent outside fabric stops water from getting in and a leak proof lining prevents water from getting out and ruining your other possessions when travelling.