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7561 grey ECO Laptop backpack 15.6-16" new

Manufactured using ECO-FRIENDLY RPET polyester made from multiple used plastic bottles that may have ended up as landfill or in the oceans. The equivalent of 12 × 500ml plastic bottles is used in the production of each backpack.
water_resistant ECO
7561 grey ECO Laptop backpack 15.6-16
Laptop Backpack up to 15.6-16"
Product Features:

• Active-style urban bag is made of high-quality water-resistant material.
• Manufactured using ECO-FRIENDLY RPET polyester made from multiple used plastic bottles that ordinarily end up in a landfill or the ocean. The equivalent of 12 × 500ml plastic bottles is used in the production of each backpack.
• The main compartment features:
- additionally protected neoprene hanging laptop compartment.
- inner zipped pocket for a wallet and smartphone.
• Front zipped pocket with a reflective zipper for a smartphone, business cards and accessories.
• Side pockets for a water bottle/umbrella.
• Comfortable soft handle, shoulder straps with softened bands.
• Strap management system prevents excess strap material from dangling.
Product Weight: 0.6 kg
External dimensions: 305x460x150 mm
Material: RPET Polyester
Inner material: Polyester
Laptop pocket size 285x400x35 mm
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Light reflective zipper

When you are heading back home in the dark, and you need to access your keys, you want things as quickly as possible, then this light reflective zipper will come in handy. So have no fear, you won't be trapped outside in the rain for too long at all! And, not only this, but it will have the dual purpose of making you more visible also, meaning that you will be more noticeable by those travelling on the roads. These kinds of dual purpose speak to our huge focus on versatility and performance.

Compact but capacious

When you select any backpack, you need to find a good balance between being able to carry enough of your items about your day to make you adaptable enough for what you might be faced with, but also not having a backpack so large that it becomes more of a hindrance than a help. That is why we have made sure that this Alpendorf backpack has a slim design so that you are able to navigate your way around busy places easily, but it also has a capacious main compartment to enable you to carry with you all the things that you need.

Two front zippered pockets

The two front zippered pockets on this backpack are the perfect solution to those that want somewhere to be able to quickly slip things like pens and notepads away, and, at the same time, be able to access them at a moment's notice too. You do not want to be rummaging around at the bottom of your backpack looking for that elusive ballpoint. Not only is this an annoying and time-consuming task to have to carry out, but it can also end in disaster as leaking ink either ruins the backpack, your notes, clothes, or whatever else might be the contents of your backpack.

internal zippered pocket

The internal zippered pocket of this backpack is the perfect answer to those that need that extra level of organization and security for their more precious possessions. If you have ever thought, I simply cannot risk putting my passport or wallet within my pocket or within even an exterior zipped pocket of a bag, then this is the backpack for you. You can house all of these kinds of items in the inside of your backpack and know that they are perfectly organized and safe at all times during your journey, from the beginning till the end.

Padded laptop pocket

The padded laptop pocket on this backpack is an essential mean of keeping your most precious electronic item free from harm. Given the huge value they hold to both our professional and social lives, not to mention the cost of replacing them, it is important that we keep them in as safe conditions as possible. That is why we have provided the padding to this pocket that will ultimately keep your laptop from shaking around in your backpack in transit, which often can lead to bumps and knocks and eventually to the damaging of the hardware itself.


Sometimes we need to be prepared for a whole bunch of eventualities. No two days are the same, and so we need to make sure that whatever is coming down the road, we are ready and prepared. That is why we have provided not one but two side pockets so that you can slip a water bottle should things get a little hot on the train to work, or even maybe an umbrella in case the heavens open, and you are suddenly caught in a downpour. Of course there are million other things these pockets could be used for too in order to keep you adaptable during your day.


Making sure you choose a backpack that is well-designed in terms of its shoulder straps is absolutely vital. An uneven distribution of weight, even if the load you are carrying is quite small, can have catastrophic results in the long term, leading to back pain and muscle related issues. That is why we have made sure that this Alpendorf range comes with comfortable shoulder straps with softened bands so that no matter how much weight you are carrying, you will be kept safe from the first until the last time you use the backpack.


There is no doubt that you will look far less impressive walking into a meeting if you have straps dangling all over the place. It's an untidy and unprofessional look in general. Not only this, but loose straps present a real danger when they can get snagged on things while moving at speed, like on a bike. They can also be doubly dangerous when they become snagged in doors of things like trains, too. That is why we have provided this bag with a strap management system so that you are kept looking as neat and tidy, and as safe as possible.