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8461 black ECO Travel Laptop Backpack 17.3”

Manufactured using ECO-FRIENDLY RPET polyester made from multiple used plastic bottles that may have ended up as landfill or in the oceans. The equivalent of 29 × 500ml plastic bottles is used in the production of each backpack.
water_resistant ECO
8461 black ECO Travel Laptop Backpack 17.3”
17.3'' Laptop Backpack
Product Features:

• Efficient design with maximum storage capacity for professionals on the go
• Multifunctional backpack for professionals going on a business trip or travelling around the world
• High-quality water-resistant fabric
• Separate laptop compartment with padded sides and a pocket for a Tablet up to 10.5" is additionally protected inside with a padded insert on the bottom
• The main large compartment features:
- two cross straps for a change of clothes and personal items
- two inner zippered grid sections for accessories or documents
• Two front zipped pockets. One features a panel for a smartphone, business cards, accessories and a detachable loop for keys.
• Comfortable soft handle, shoulder straps with softened bands and a sternum strap
• Side strap system for internal compression
• Hidden pocket on the back of the backpack for a passport or wallet
• Luggage strap securely attaches the backpack to most rolling luggage
• Special side-pocket for a bottle of water
• Strap management system prevents excess strap material from dangling
Product Weight: 0.9 kg
External dimensions: 310x460x170 mm
Inner material: Polyester
Material: RPET Polyester
Laptop pocket size 290x420x45 mm
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8460 aquamarine ECO bulker Laptop Backpack 17.3"



This laptop bag comes with all of the necessary elements to keep you exceptionally organized during your day. Everyone knows the old adage that 'fail to prepare, prepare to fail.' Well, we at RIVACASE take the message of this saying very seriously and that is why we have made sure that this bag comes with an organizer panel so that you can put all of your different things right where they should be and access them at all times. Further to this, the bag has its own detachable key strap so that you are never put in that awful position of being unable to find your key when you're in a rush.

Expandable side pocket

With this bag, we have been intent on creating a piece that not only will make your day easier and you more able to deal with the challenges ahead, but also we wanted to create something that was going to enable you to take care of your health while doing that. Maintaining hydration is key to preserving concentration and to keeping your muscles and joints in good order and so that is why we have included a special side pocket for a water bottle or umbrella. Simply unzip to put the bottle in and zip it back up to make the backpack more compact.


When selecting a bag that you intend to take with you on short trips away on holiday or simply for the weekend away, you want to make sure that you have the requisite space to give you the optionality you desire in your leisure time. No one wants to be stuck without that bit of sports gear that they need for their exercise! Nevertheless, you want this, but you also want to have a bag that keeps you organized too. That is why this bag's main compartments feature two cross straps for a change of clothes and personal items, along with inner zippered grid sections for accessories or documents.


There is no doubt that you need to be keeping your electronic devices in the most secure environment possible. Ultimately, they are too precious and too integral to our daily lives to be taking any chances with at all. That is why this bag comes with a separate laptop compartment with padded sides and a pocket for a Tablet up to 10.5" in dimension, and is additionally protected inside with a padded insert on the bottom. This means that you can go about on your day with the ease of mind that at least everything within your bag is properly safe and secure.


Being in comfort when carrying your bag isn't crucial just for the obvious reasons that we all like to be at ease at all times. When we carry something that creates an uncomfortable experience for us it can completely ruin our mindset and decision-making with terrible consequences. That is why this laptop bag comes with an ergonomic padded mesh back, comfortable shoulder straps with softened bands, and a sternum strap and a strap management system which prevents excess strap material from dangling, keeping you safe and in perfect comfort.


Despite advances in modern technology and the huge progress made in recent years, one issue still presents a problem for our electronic devices and that is the threat of moisture. Within seconds these supreme pieces of equipment can be rendered completely useless and our day completely ruined. When designing this bag then we wanted to create something that would house your devices in an environment that eliminated this threat, and so we have made sure the bag is made out of a water-repellent fabric so that your things inside remain dry and free from harm.

Safe travels

When traveling through busy places like train stations and airports or even simply through busy city centers, we want to make sure that all of our belongings are being kept safe, and, more importantly, that those very special and crucial items we each have with us are being kept in heightened security. That is why we have provided this bag with a hidden zippered pocket on the back of the bag so you can quickly stow away a passport or a wallet. And so that you needn't be carrying your bag with you at all times, a trolley strap is included so you can simply attach it and roll away with ease.