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8126 black ECO MacBook Air 15 and Laptop Backpack 14" new

Manufactured using ECO-FRIENDLY RPET polyester made from multiple used plastic bottles that may have ended up as landfill or in the oceans. The equivalent of 8 × 500ml plastic bottles is used in the production of each backpack.
water_resistant ECO
8126 black ECO MacBook Air 15 and Laptop Backpack 14
• Multifunctional backpack for professionals going on a business trip or travelling around the world.
• Manufactured using ECO-FRIENDLY RPET polyester made from multiple used plastic bottles that may have ended up as landfill or in the oceans. The equivalent of 8 × 500ml plastic bottles is used in the production of each backpack.
• Waterproof zipper and water-resistant fabric for added protection.
• Additionally protected separate neopren hanging laptop compartment and a pocket for a Tablet up to 11".
• Spacious compartment for documents with a zippered mesh pocket for accessories.
• Front zippered compartment with internal organization for a smartphone, business cards, pens and other accessories features a detachable key strap and two zippered mesh pockets.
• Additional front zippered pocket for accessories.
• Hidden pocket on the back of the backpack for a passport or wallet.
• Luggage strap securely attaches the backpack to any rolling luggage.
• Comfortable soft handle and shoulder straps with softened bands will make you feel comfortable on a longest journey.
• Specially designed concealed side pocket for a water bottle or umbrella.
• Strap management system prevents excess strap material from dangling.
Product Weight: 0.86 kg
External dimensions: 280x410x175 mm
Material: RPET Polyester
Inner material: Polyester
Laptop pocket size 245x350x35 mm

eco-friendly water-repellent fabric

The eco-friendly water-repellent fabric of this bag is exactly the kind of thing you will thank us for as you go about your daily business. There is nothing worse than picking up a new bag from the store only to realize that it is completely useless even when faced with the most mild of showers. With the kinds of electronics we all use, this is a completely unacceptable situation. That is why we have crafted this bag with water-repellent fabric that is, in addition, environmentally friendly. This ensures that your conscience can remain clear, along with the safety of your belongings.

Front zipped pocket

The stylish diagonal front pocket of this Clark bag means that you can be both practical, as well as look good at the same time. The front zippered pocket will provide you with that quick and easy access for all of your accessories - your pens, booklets, and other items, so that you do not have to waste any time when putting them away or retrieving them. And the diagonal nature of this pocket will mean that you truly stand apart in a crowd. With this Clark range then we have combined supreme functionality, with highly sophisticated aesthetics.

Well-thought-out front zippered compartment

There is no better way of making sure you get the best out of your day than staying organized. It helps to keep the mind clear and ready to attack whatever task it is that lies ahead. That is why we have made sure that this Clark backpack features an organizer panel for all of your different items, and also a detachable key strap so that you are never left wondering whether that troublesome pair of house keys are. Additionally, there are two zippered mesh pockets so that you can slip away any relevant items there as well.

Capacious main compartment compartment

This Clark backpack features an additionally protected separate neoprene hanging laptop compartment and a pocket for a Tablet up to 11" so that both your main device and your secondary device are kept in ultra safe conditions. In addition to this, an internal mesh zippered pocket is provided for all of your documents and ample space for your other belongings. Additionally, all of this is protected with a waterproof zipper so that all of your items are kept safe and dry in the most secure conditions possible.


A specially designed and concealed side pocket for a water bottle or umbrella is also provided. This means that should you need it you can create the pocket for your water bottle on a hot day to stay hydrated. Or if conversely it is planning to rain out, then you can take your umbrella along with you. And of course should you feel you needn't take either of these things then you can conceal the pocket entirely, keeping your silhouette nice and neat and compact, lending you the sophisticated impression you want for business interactions.

Hidden zippered pocket

The hidden pocket on the back of the backpack provides the perfect solution as a slot to carry your passport or wallet. We all know the stress of constantly having to check pockets to ensure that either one of these crucial items has not fallen out on your journey, or, even worse, been pickpocketed. This subtle pocket helps you prevent all such worries, and you can feel safe in the knowledge that no matter what is happening on your journey you know at all times where both of these things are and that you will have them with you from the beginning of the journey until the end.

Comfortable padded SHOULDER STRAPs

We all know the problem with badly designed backpacks. They instantly lead to great discomfort as their thin straps dig into our neck and shoulders. Not only can this be uncomfortable, but it can also be immensely dangerous as it spreads weight unevenly across your shoulders. This can ultimately lead to long-term health consequences. This Clark backpack however will help you avoid all of that with its comfortable padded shoulder straps that help spread the weight evenly, no matter how heavy the contents of your bag.

Trolley strap

The trolley strap of this backpack is something that will prove immensely useful as you try to navigate around areas like train stations and airports. It can be hugely troublesome to be left with no free hand to carry your child, or your phone, or magazine, when getting around with multiple bags. Fortunately, this Clark backpack helps you get around such issues by coming with its own trolley strap that quickly and easily fits over a trolley handle so that you can link your bags together and take the weight off your arms and shoulders.


Nothing is less impressive than turning up to your business meeting with straps flying all over the place. These straps can also provide a real hindrance when travelling to and from places, and, can even if travelling by bike, create real danger should they become snagged on trees and branches. Similarly, should the straps get trapped in train doors or elevators, they could lead to disastrous consequences. That is why we have provided you with a strap management system so that you can stay neat and compact as you go about your day.