With the RIVAPOWER Series we designed a collection that prepares you for every eventuality.
We bring the same attention to detail and creativity to designing our power products as we do to our bags, cases and accessories.

The RIVAPOWER Series offers compact, efficient, powerful and adaptable charging solutions. The collection consists of portable rechargeable batteries, wall chargers, car chargers, USB wall plugs and micro USB cables.

Smart functions are central to the collection’s design blueprint. Some products come with automatic on and off. LED light systems show the remaining battery power on our rechargeable batteries. Ergonomic non-slip designs securely fix chargers into the wall. Some chargers have multiple inputs to charge devices simultaneously. We used the highest quality components to provide super-fast charging.

With style and intelligence comes safety. Our chargers have fire-resistant and durable outer shells. Built-in safeguards protect against overcurrent, overcharging and overheating and provide efficient charging.