New Year gift ideas from RIVACASE

It’s December! Happy holiday season is just around the corner. A few weeks from now, we all will be celebrating the much-awaited New Year. The Midnight New Year cake cutting ritual is beautiful, but the real flex is unique new year gift ideas. Gifts are very special to both the one who gives them away and to whom it is given; hence, people always pick the best for their near and dear ones. Here, we’ve rounded up the top 5 ideas of RIVACASE gifts to make your special ones feel even more special.

Warm and cozy Anvik collection

Any item from this range would be a perfect New Year gift. Its rounded edges and soft material lend a sense of sensitiveness while making you appear no less smart. The collection's fabric not only matches well with tweed and woolen jackets and coats, but is also water-repellent with a complex fabric texture, keeping all your items safe and sound. This alternative, natural fabric is maintained in a neutral and professional color scheme across the range, meaning that you will project that classic business image but also, given its many attributes, be walking around with a deeply practical accessory.

RIVACASE VA2210 & VA2220 power banks with 4 built-in cables

RIVACASE VA2210 and VA2220 portable batteries with 4 built-in cables will never let you experience a desperate hunt for outlets or cables again while you're on the go. With a 10000mAh capacity, VA2210 handy portable charger is ideal for business, travel, and camping. VA2220 portable battery comes with a 20000mAh high capacity, most useful for those who are going to be away from mains power for extended periods or will be charging multiple gadgets.

5631 Travel organizers from the Biscayne collection

A nice and lovely travel organizer from the Biscayne collection will keep your accessories neat and organized. For those who are tired of the chaos that often ensues in their main bag, with wires everywhere and devices lost beneath piles of clothes, this organizer provides the perfect solution.

VA4915 Wireless charger

The RIVACASE VA4915 wireless charger provides the fast charge for iPhone and Android devices. Compatible with Qi-enabled smartphones, it will automatically switch between 5W, 7.5W and 10W, so you're always getting the fast wireless charge, no matter which device is placed on the pad. The VA4915 wireless charger comes in two color options – blue and gray. A high-quality fabric finish not only adds to an aesthetically-pleasing slimline design and modern look, but also prevents your devices from easily sliding off.

8461 Travel Laptop Backpack 17.3”

This multifunctional backpack is the perfect New Year gift for those whose job often takes them to the four corners of the world. The efficient design of this backpack creates maximum storage capacity for professionals on the go. It offers a separate laptop compartment with padded sides and a pocket for a Tablet up to 10.5". Additional protection is ensured inside with a padded insert on the bottom. The main compartments have two cross straps for a change of clothes and personal items, as well as two inner zippered grid sections for accessories or documents. A comfortable soft handle, shoulder straps with softened bands and a sternum strap will make for an easy ride and a side strap system for internal compression will keep you compact. A hidden pocket on the back of the backpack for a passport or wallet will maintain security, along with a strap management system to prevent excess strap material from dangling.