New eco-conscious Alpendorf collection

With the fundamental mission of reducing the environmental impact of all our products, we have refreshed our Alpendorf range with eco-conscious bags and backpacks made from sustainable and ethically sourced materials.
To produce this eco-conscious collection, we created high-quality ECO-FRIENDLY fabrics manufactured using RPET polyester made from existing plastic products (in this case PET beverage bottles) that ordinarily end up in a landfill or the ocean. Plastic bottles were processed into flakes, then melted down, re-spun into yarn, and ultimately woven into a variety of different fabrics.
The updated Alpendorf series is created in classic harmony with the values of RIVACASE. Indispensable accessories for everyday use, working in perfect harmony with society's wider ecological ambitions.


There is no doubt that one of the most important aspects of a modern bag is its ability to keep the water out, and your items that are inside, safe and dry. That is why we have made sure that this Alpendorf collection comes with its own water-repellent fabric so that no matter what the weather is looking like outside, you can rest assured that all of your items will remain safe when getting from A to B.


For many of us, biking has just become a part of our day-to-day lives. Not only is it a simple and quick way to get about, but also is very eco-friendly given the zero carbon that is emitted (at least post-production of the bicycle). As a result, we wanted to make sure that you were kept as safe as possible on your trips whether on a bike or when simply walking down the pavement or crossing a road, by giving this collection a light reflective zipper to help oncoming traffic catch sight of you.
This collection will suit any metropolitan, international travelling, business orientated person. We all need, in all walks of life, to demonstrate that we are doing our level best to help limit the effects of catastrophic climate change. It is no longer socially acceptable not to do this. And what better way to start to make just a small difference than making sure the things we purchase are in concert with those aims.
Aware, intricate, and environmentally concerned - it is the style for the big urban jungle.