Stylish protection for your MacBook with 8503 & 8505 sleeves

These stylish sleeves from the Cardiff collection ideal for MacBook, Ultrabooks and whatever else you might need to carry around with you on your day are the perfect solution to your needs. They have been created out of high-quality faux leather and a trendy canvas made of 100% cotton which not only will make you look the part but has been specially designed to protect your devices.
It is the kind of design that gives you all the aesthetics you need to impress those in the board room or meeting you're in, but which also will be completely ergonomic to your needs. The material is created in a way that it gives of a clean and sharp look but is also designed to protect your important device. Available in two sizes, Cardiff sleeves are especially crafted with Apple devices in mind. 8503 sleeve is designed to fit MacBook Pro 13 and MacBook Pro 14 while 8505 sleeve is a perfect carrying solution for MacBook Pro 16.

Stylish protection

The special plush interior lining is created for better protection of the devices you treasure. We all know the interminable problem of these devices and how prone they are to being scratched and so reducing both the professional look and beauty of the piece but also limiting your functionality of them. That is why we made sure that these Cardiff sleeves come with their own plush interior so that you at least know that when your phone or other device is inside, it is in a safe environment and free from harm.

Front pocket

Cleverly located on this sleeve is a front pocket that has been specially designed for a Tablet, smartphone, portable rechargeable batteries or other accessories that you may need with you on your day ahead. We all like to be flexible on our day. And in order to be flexible you need to be organized and have everything you need with you so that you can option for a different path or activity. That is why we have different slots for all your relevant items so that no matter what needs doing, you can get it done.

Secure holding strap

There are some items that you simply cannot risk losing. And you might be led to believe that because something is called a 'sleeve' that it is somehow flimsy or insecure. This could not be further from the truth with this Cardiff sleeve. Not only are your items in safe positions when placed within it, but it also comes with its own secure holding strap around the outside that will ensure that everything is kept compact inside and not jostling around, and that all your items are never in danger of slipping out during travel.