New Sherwood duffle bags – available in three sizes

Going to the gym, on a weekend trip or planning distant travel? Then you should definitely choose a duffle bag of the right size. Duffles are a convenient option to carry around as an overnighter, cabin baggage, or even as a gym bag.
If you need a sporty, water-resistant bag that can handle anything from simply toting sports gear to a two-day camping trip or a whole weeklong vacation, then RIVACASE 7641, 7642 and 7643 duffle bags from the Sherwood collection will do just fine. They are available in three sizes – 30 L, 50 L and 60 L. For all practical purposes, they’re identical except for their increasing size.

Water-repellent fabric with PU lamination

These days, you do not want to be taking any chances at all with your belongings. You can depend on these bags to take care of them all as their water-repellent fabric with PU lamination is specially designed to keep the water out, and your electronic items and clothes inside dry and free from harm.

Capacious main zippered compartment

With these Sherwood bags, you will have more than enough space due to their capacious main zippered compartment that will provide you with all the room you need for all those extra belongings of yours. So if you are off to the gym but in need of that extra pair of sneakers or even a pair of boxing gloves, or if you are away on a trip and want to take a couple of extra shirts and not worry about having to stuff them all in and break your back trying to zip it up, then these bags are here for you.

Two internal mesh zippered pockets

Sometimes we all need to get to an item or two at short notice and without a moment to spare. When needing this kind of item, you do not want to be rummaging around in the bottom of a bag and inevitably having to take items out in order to find what you need. That is why we have made sure that these bags come with not one but two internal mesh zippered pockets, so you can find what you need quickly.
The Sherwood duffle bags are well-built, functional, and easy to load and carry, which makes them great travel companions.