New in the Antishock series - RIVACASE 5126 laptop sleeve

Antishock is a basic set of ultra-lightweight, shock-resistant laptop sleeves and organizers manufactured using "memory foam" material. They can legitimately be regarded favorites among such accessories, as they possess a number of properties that make them useful for owners of mobile devices.
The RIVACASE 5126 model is a new addition to the Antishock collection, specifically developed for owners of the new MacBook Pro 14. This sleeve is the perfect size for Apple's new product and serves as both a fashionable accessory and solid protection for a laptop.
The sleeve is made of a unique neoprene material that has the capacity to gradually revert to its original shape. Its exceptional shock-absorbing characteristics enable you to lessen or totally avoid the consequences of unexpected bumps. Even if you accidentally bang the laptop against the table's corner, you can be assured that the sleeve will consistently protect it from chipping and scratches.
Additional protection against accidental laptop damage is given by unique flap-over corner protectors implemented in the sleeve. Even if you are rushed and accidentally turn over the opened sleeve with a laptop inside, you can be assured that your personal computer will remain completely secured inside the case, will not collapse, and will not hit the floor.
Not only was careful attention devoted to the quality and endurance of the materials used in the development of this model, but also to the accessories. A dependable zipper with two branded pullers that glide smoothly on the clasp will offer you a sense of security and convenience when using the sleeve, as well as easy access to your device.
Another undeniable advantage of the RIVACASE 5126 sleeve is its light weight of 180 grams or 0.39 lbs. It adds no weight to the laptop and keeps it from becoming bulky. For example, the laptop may be readily stowed inside a backpack or travel bag for use when traveling to the office, college, or attending a business meeting. Additionally, it will be indispensable during a lengthy vacation, in which it is important to ensure contact while maintaining the minimum possible luggage.
Additionally, the sleeve comes with a two-year manufacturer's warranty. We at RIVACASE are so confident in the superior quality of our materials, fittings, and workmanship that we will replace any piece that fails within 24 months of purchase. Simply contact us at our email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and inform us of the incident. We will ensure that you receive a new replacement sleeve.
Taking all of the above into consideration, we can confidently state that the Antishock 5126 laptop sleeve is the optimal solution for your MacBook Pro 14.