Mercantour collection

Perched in the the extremes of Southwestern France, high up in the Alps-de-Hautes Provence and Martime Alps, The Mercantour National Park is truly a gem in the list of hotspots for all those with a proclivity for outdoor activities. At the heart of this 600km expanse of vertiginous summits lies a treasure  - the Vallee de Merveilles, or the ‘valley of marvels.’  People have been coming to this area for thousands of years, and have climbed up among these spectacular summits, recognizing the enduring power of nature and its effect upon the human soul. And this admiration continues until this day. The national park has become a haven not just for nature-seekers but thrill seeking outdoor enthusiasts alike. With the possibility of mountain-biking through the steep forested valleys, walking and hiking the 1700km of trails, with the opportunity for high-octane white water rafting, canyoning and rock climbing the vertical cliff face, or paragliding off it, as well as challenging ski-touring, it is understandable why the The Mercantour Park remains such an incredible destination not only for outdoor enthusiasts in France but around the world as well. Our Mercantour collection typifies all the needs and wants of such an enthusiast.

Every item has been carefully designed to make sure that whether you are taking part in sports, outdoor activities or travelling around your urban environment, you are perfectly positioned to remain prepared and unimpeded. The Mercantour range is the ideal range for those who are active and always on the move but who also want to ensure that they do not sacrifice anything in the way of style. Each bag of ours has been created so that whether you are in the Mercantour Mountains or the merchant bank, you are sure not to look out of place.


Each item of the Mercantour collection has a unique ID code stitched inside. Register it by filling a special form on My RIVACASE® page and get a 5-year extended warranty!


Each item from the Mercantour collection is created with a water resistant fabric. This means that it is obviously preventative against moisture. As a result, you can take it anywhere without fear that, if caught in a sudden shower, any of your items inside will be damaged. Finally its breathable nature makes it the perfect bag for carrying your sportswear post-gym or exercise.




There is nothing worse than having to rummage around, outside your house or where you bike is locked, at the bottom of your bag looking for you keys. This is made especially worse if it is cold and windy and worse still if you are in a bit of a rush. We have enabled you to prevent this kind of scenario by providing a smart detachable key strap that is located inside the front pocket. This means that you will always know where they are when you need them, giving you one less thing to think about.